4 Runtz Cannabis Strains You Don’t Want To Miss!

4 Runtz Cannabis Strains You Don’t Want To Miss!

Descending from the ever-popular Cookies line, Runtz cannabis strains are causing quite a stir as they gain popularity around the globe due to the wide range of terpenes that give them their incredible smell. You don’t even have to wait to get a sniff; about half-way through veg, young plants start to emit a fruit-cocktail aroma that mixes evenly with the more typical peppery scent. Twirl a stem through your fingertips and you’ll see exactly what we mean.


That delicious smell gets stronger as the plants start to bloom and continues to intensify into the cure. Just wait until you break open the first bud for a well-deserved smoke session. You won’t be disappointed!


Like most trendy new strains, all the best breeders are jumping on the bandwagon and releasing their own version of Runtz. So, which one do you choose? Our friends over at KillaBeez Seedbank have reviewed their top picks to help you decide. We’ll summarize here, but don’t forget to bounce over to their site and have a look. If you get their fast enough, you might even be able to win a free pack of cannabis seeds for your efforts.


  1. Runtz Muffin By Barney’s Farm


Tasting like a cold glass of Sunny Delight, Barney’s Farm’s take on Runtz adds another level of fruit flavor by introducing their own Orange Punch genetics to the usual Zkittlez X Gelato 33 cross. Along with the predominant orange-candy taste, your taste buds will instantly sense sugary-sweet notes of tropical pineapple. A practiced palate may even pick out hints of grape and cherry that tease you into taking toke after toke.


Runtz Muffin balances out her sweetness with a beefy THC level (29%) that’ll make even frequent smokers take notice. Soon after your session commences, you’ll reach a peak of calm happiness that’ll give you an eduring sense of peace and inner tranquility. Flowering takes about 9 weeks to reach peak ripeness, yielding about 600 gr/m2 inside. Outdoor growers could net a full 2 kilos per plant.


  1. Runtz Auto By Barney’s Farm

Never one to miss an opportunity to automate a new super-star, Barney’s Farm also released Runtz Auto. These fully autoflowering, 100% feminized seeds add genetics from BF’s own Super Auto #1 to their Runtz Muffiz strain. The taste and smell are just as fruity as the original blend, but this remix can get the job done in just 63-70 days.


Runtz Auto does have a few differences, though. Thanks to an extra dose of Indica, you can expect the heady euphoria to be tempored slightly by a mild body buzz. At 100-120 cm in height, this is a fairly tall AutoFem, so plan accordingly if you’re growing inside. They’ll stretch before you know it due to their rapid bloom cycle.


  1. White Runtz By Anesia Seeds


Not to be outdone, Anesia Seeds has released their own version of the Runtz strain. They focused on resin production, selectively breeding for the stickiest offstpring,

earning their creation the White Runtz name. It’s still a Zkittlez X Gelato blend with no White Widow in the family tree. Dry flower yields come in at slightly less than Runtz Muffin, but if you prefer extracts, you’ll definitely come out ahead. THC tested at 29%.


White Runtz tastes very different than Runtz Muffin with tart raspberry on top of sweet pineapple. Ribbons of tropical fruit run through both to tie everything together. The high starts off in your head with a flood of creative energy that eventually settles down into a relaxing full-body buzz with staying power.


  1. Crystal Runtz By Big Head Seeds


Big Head Seeds took a similar approach with their Crystal Runtz strain. This is another classic Zkittlez X Gelato cross that puts major emphasis on resin formation. THC is slightly lower but still very respectable at 27%, and the 8-9 week flowering time is about average. The big difference here is in appearance. The buds are nothing short of ginormous & perfectly formed.


The flavor is closer to actual Runtz candy than any of the other strains. It’s a sweet-mixed fruit taste with a tart edge that coats the mouth like silk. The aftertaste is especially pleasant.

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