31 States Are Considering Cannabis Law Reform, Is Yours One of Them?

31 States Are Considering Cannabis Law Reform, Is Yours One of Them?


At post timeleaf, there are 31 states that currently have pending marijuana law reform legislation. These measures deal with a wide array of topics including decriminalization, record expungement, medical access, and full legalization. 2015 is shaping up to be one of the most active legislative sessions on record for the marijuana legalization movement, but these bills won’t pass themselves. It is absolutely crucial that you, the stakeholders and voters, get engaged in the process and apply pressure to your state lawmakers to urge them to support these measures.

Reaching out to your state officials is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse using NORML’s Take Action Center. Simply consult the landing page to see if your state has pending legislation, click on that legislation, enter your zip code, and a pre-written email will be sent on your behalf. Once you have taken this initial step, we strongly encourage you to follow up by contacting your lawmakers directly and speaking to them on the phone. If politicians don’t hear from their constituents on these pieces of legislation, they remain unlikely to support them when they are called for a vote. Click HERE to see the full list of pending legislation. Recent additions include:

Don’t forget to check out the full listing here and check back frequently as new alerts are added and old ones are updated with the most recent information.

Together, we can make the country a little more NORML. Together, we WILL legalize marijuana nationwide.


    February 20, 2015


  • scott
    February 23, 2015

    we know about florida u all reelected scott and u reap what u sow. when 58% of the voters vote to legalize and its not the MAJORITY (50.01 IS A MAJORITY in the rest of the country ) Don’t start with what about Florida. Since over 50% of ur 18 to 35 year olds didn’t Vote in 2014 then u the people of florida are to blame. we the people of Colorado got the ball rolling nationally

    • a pollard
      February 27, 2015

      yup your totally correct on the 50% mark…why even vote if the government is going to say oh no the majority voted 1 way but its not high enough of A MAJORITY

  • David M
    February 24, 2015

    Scott. I wouldn’t crow so loudly about our Floridian friends failure to hit the brass bar being required to reach an undemocratic 60 % majority vote, last year Colorado only got the ball rolling nationally first due to the natural Longitudinal difference in the curvature of the Earth i. e. the differences in our time zones. Seattle’s cannabis delivery services we’re selling cannabis all around Pugetopolis and the Sound, two hours later,but, officially, it was in the same time, only in the Pacific time zone.

    Washington’s retail store roll out has been slower than expected, and not that well orchestrated, admittedly. That said, they were working from scratch building new retail stores. Which admittedly an argument can be made, over the wisdom of this decision on Washington’s part. However, whats done is done now . Seattle’s dispensaries remain independent and separate from the state retail system. Washington residents see Colorado, and Seattle’s retail stores as being no more than state regulated tax collector’s. All this and suddenly BOOM, out of nowhere, the Obama Justice Dept. decides to allow Native tribes the ability to sell and grow cannabis on and from their tribal lands. Already, one of Puget Sounds wealthiest Tribes, the Tulalips are having the nations first Tribal Marijuana conference this coming Feb 27th at the Tulalip Tribal Resort and Casino complex. Located just outside of Seattle.

    These will soon be followed by the Snoqualmie’s, stiiquamish and many other small, but wealthy Puget Sound native tribes. Many of these Native lands adjoin Seattle Metro. No matter what the state does eventually, the tribes have said they will provide medical patient and recreational consumers access at much lower prices than the state can. Especially, if the state does something really stupid like closing Seattle’s hundreds of medical dispensaries simply out of tax revenue greed.

    The Tribes will offer safe affordable access to cannabis. Whatever happens legislatively , the state won’t close Seattle’s medical dispensaries ( if at all) until July 1st, 2016. This is almost a year and a half away. Our neighbor’s to the North in Vancouver are rocking medical right now. And so unlike Americans ( and more like the tribes) they aren’t motivated by greed to make profits off of sick medical patients. For example, in B.C., being “sick” can mean If using cannabis makes you feel better thorough-out the day, you’re entitled to a Provincial medical card.

    Unlike Americans they don’t have “stoop-sitters’ watching their medical dispensaries like hawks bitching if someone appears to have been able to buy their weed at a better price. I was just in Vancouver and prices were $106-$110 $USD$ an OUNCE for top shelf cannabis. Canadian’s don’t Profit on sick or people in need. This makes priceslow, quality high. If you’re Canadian, It’s Sweet times in Vancouver B.C.

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