3 Ways To Market Kratom Business

3 Ways To Market Kratom Business

While kratom is not a controlled substance in many countries, many governments place precautionary warnings about its use. Such actions make marketing kratom products quite challenging.


Governments are refuting the medical claims about kratom and even disallowing transactions. Any buyers looking for a trusted kratom powder may not be able to purchase their products. But while agencies like the FDA consider kratom an opioid that needs to be placed under restricted use, some consider it a medicinal plant that offers holistic therapy.


Any businesses that sell kratom also risk being banned on social media and other channels that do not approve paid ads. So, if you can’t list your products, advertise, or process payments, how do you market your products?

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How to Market Your Kratom Business


1. Organic Traffic


Now that you can’t pay for ads, how do you drive traffic to your website? The best option is to venture into SEO marketing. If you perfect your search engine optimization, you will automatically boost your kratom business.


SEO helps search engines identify relevant, informative content. This way, you will provide information for internet users and convert the traffic into sales. If people search online for kratom products, and your website ranks on the first page, you stand a high chance of converting those leads into sales.


Using SEO as a marketing strategy is effective, but it takes time. You will not rank on the first page in just a few weeks, regardless of how good your content is. But if you give it time and maintain consistency while producing quality content, it will deliver.


Another great option is organic social media marketing. Since you cannot advertise on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, why don’t you push your content there and get traffic to your website?


How do you carry out reliable organic social media marketing? You have to post creative, engaging content that will get your followers talking. Once the conversation starts, you can refer them to your website to get more information about the subject.


Social media is free and a great place to focus your marketing. All you have to do is get your followers to like and share your posts to get wider exposure.


2. Email Marketing


If you thought email marketing is outdated, you are wrong! When you have consumers who have already shown interest in your products, email marketing is the best way to target them and convert them into clients.


Email marketing only works if the target audience wants to hear from you. Otherwise, your emails will end up in the spam folder. But even if it does not go to the spam folder, how sure are you that the receiver will read it? You don’t, but you can increase the chances by writing email marketing copy for readers.


Always send emails that sound like they’re written by a real person and not automated. Be conversational and let the message sound like you are addressing a client seated across the table.



If you choose to email potential clients, then do so within 24 hours of receiving the lead. You must grab the opportunity and reach out when your product is fresh on the prospect’s mind. Consider getting automated email workflows set up so that you don’t miss such opportunities.


You also need to understand the law regulating email marketing, such as CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing). The law requires that you must provide your valid physical address when you use email marketing and give recipients the option to opt-out.


3. Influencer Marketing


The growth of social media has made influencer marketing quite popular. You cannot put a direct advertisement on social media, but you can use influencers to promote your brand. Influencer marketing means working with popular individuals on social media to push your brand.


What the influencer does is mention or endorse your brand. Because of their large social media following, influencers can effectively increase your brand’s visibility. Followers see influencers as experts in their niche, and they will likely buy into the influencer’s ideas.



Due to the high level of trust followers have in influencers, their recommendations or mentions act as social proof of a brand. Some followers may purchase something because some popular person they follow on social media mentioned it.


Influencer marketing is a great way to push your kratom brand on social media. You can use influencers to trigger and drive the conversation about your brand. There will be potential clients among their followers who will take up the conversation further and visit your website for more details or even make purchases.




With kratom use gaining popularity in the west in recent years, the FDA has moved to warn users of its dangers. Kratom is sedating and hallucinogenic but also carries powerful therapeutic benefits.


Despite its medicinal benefits, e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon do not approve kratom sales, while credit card companies do not accept kratom transactions anymore. Search engines and social media platforms also prohibit advertising.


Regardless of these challenges, the above tips will help market your brand. All you need to do is follow the law so that your website does not get banned.

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