$3.8 Million of Legal Cannabis Sold Each Day in Washington State

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$3.8 Million of Legal Cannabis Sold Each Day in Washington State

According to new data released by Washington State’s Liquor and Cannabis Board, there is $3.8 million in legal cannabis sold each day,legal cannabis sold each day resulting in approximately $700,000 in daily tax revenue.

For fiscal year 2016, which ended on July 1st, there was just shy of $1 billion sold ($972 million). From this, the state garnered $185 million in taxes.

So far for the month of July, there has been $96 million sold, resulting in $18 million in taxes for the state; this is based on 12,000 pounds of sold cannabis, and 858,000 units of infused cannabis products (either edibles, topicals or oils).

According to the Liquor and Cannabis Board, 407 retail licenses and 811 producer/processor licenses have been distributed.

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  • Frank
    July 27, 2016

    Yes Washington state turned into a big Drug Dealer ….But them assholes won’t be aressted cause they make the laws…Our Governor is no better then Scarface …,where re the roads that are to be fixed….I don’t see any ……Where are the schools that are to be built…I don’t see any . ..The state makes millions a day so why are there people living under freeways , and in tents….why is there no housing for them,,,,yes where is it all going….I’ll tell you…In the Liquor board pockets a rend the other crooked people pockets . ….. in the mean time patients are dying cause they can’t get good cheap clean no pesticides…Washington state and everyone that has to deal with it is rich and the poor get fucked as always …..Peace Out

  • herbwarrior420
    July 31, 2016

    U live in the wrong state then. We grow our own cannabis and like our garden veggies we know what we feed and use on our plants. I’m totally organic. have tons of lady bugs, preying mantis, and toads that eat Bad bugs and pests. I make my own teas (nutrients), live mediums (soils) and organic lacto barcillus. Colorado has give over $40 million dollars to schools. millions for research and senior citizens rec centers and more programs from dept of health

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