ESPN Poll: 71% of NFL Players Support Legalizing Medical Cannabis

ESPN Poll: 71% of NFL Players Support Legalizing Medical Cannabis

nfl playersWith a “promise of anonymity”, ESPN recently conducted a survey of 226 NFL players and asked their opinion on cannabis and cannabis legalization.

“Spoiler alert:”, states ESPN, “When it comes to going green — from legalization of marijuana in the U.S. to the efficacy of pot for pain control — NFL players just say yes.”

Below are the questions presented in the survey:

Should medical marijuana be legal in all states?

Yes 71 percent
No 29 percent

Have you ever known a teammate to use marijuana before a game?

Yes 22 percent
No 78 percent

Is it hard to beat the NFL’s testing system for recreational drugs?

Yes 33 percent
No 67 percent

Have you ever used marijuana to help with concussion symptoms?

Yes 17 percent
No 83 percent

Have you ever had a teammate who you think became an addict because of NFL painkiller abuse?

Yes 42 percent
No 58 percent

What would you rather use if both were allowed by the NFL: Toradol** or marijuana?

Toradol 57 percent
Marijuana 43 percent

Do you worry about the long-term effects of painkillers?

Yes 59 percent
No 41 percent

If marijuana were an allowed substance, would fewer players take painkillers?

Yes 61 percent
No 39 percent

Which is better for recovery and pain control: marijuana or painkillers?

Marijuana 41 percent
Painkillers 32 percent
Neither 27 percent

What percentage of players do you think take painkillers on a regular basis?

Average answer 46 percent

**A non-narcotic NSAID.

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