How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Urine?

How long does marijuana stay in your urine? What about saliva and hair? And how do you pass a marijuana drug test? Here’s a look at what the science says.

marijuana drug testWhen conducting a marijuana drug test, companies often use a urine test. There are several factors that determine how long weed stays in the urine.

Here are a few:

  • THC percentage of the cannabis being consumed
  • The BMI of the person consuming the marijuana
  • The rate of consumption (how often they smoke)
  • How fast the consumer’s metabolism works


With this in mind; here’s what the research shows in regards to how long marijuana stays in your urine:

  • If you consume marijuana once, it should be out of your system in 5 to 7 days.
  • Cannabis will stay in the system for 10 – 20 days for those who consume it a couple or a few times a week.
  • For heavy consumers (5 or more times a week) it can stay in the system for 30 to 65 days.


Saliva and Hair Tests:

Two other popular methods are saliva tests and hair tests. Saliva tests are the least invasive; if you’re a daily smoker, studies have shown that in most instances it should be completely out of the system after 72 hours. If you smoked cannabis only once, it will likely be out of your system in 24-48 hours.

air tests, on the other hand, are far more invasive. Cannabis can be found in the hair up to a year after last consumption. Many companies have stopped using hair drug tests, however. Part of this is due to research released last year which found that hair tests can have false-positives for marijuana “because of transfer through cannabis consumers, via their hands, their sebum/sweat, or cannabis smoke.”




How do I Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

The safest and most effective way to pass a urine drug test for marijuana is to abstain from consuming it; if you’re a heavy smoker, this may mean abstaining for two months or more.

Another option is to do a Google search for “marijuana detox” or “drug testing detox”. Here you will find a plethora of options for cleaning your system and clearing your urine; we highly recommend reading reviews first, however, as some work much better than others.

Another option is to dilute the marijuana in your urine by drinking massive amounts of liquid. This may work to shorten the amount of time the THC is in your system. However, it’s not magic and won’t allow you to pass a test if you’ve smoked recently.

If taking a marijuana saliva test, abstaining for a few days should be enough for even heavy users. If you can only abstain for a day or two prior to the test; suck on the sourest candy you can find for a couple hours beforehand.

If taking a marijuana hair test, there really isn’t much you can do, unfortunately.



THC-COOH is the main secondary metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is formed in the body after cannabis is consumed. Most drug tests don’t test for THC; they test for THC-COOH.

The reason this is an issue is because THC-COOH can stay in the body for longer than THC.

Click here for more information on THC-COOH.


What about CBD Consumption?

Standard drug testing tests for THC metabolites, not CBD. This means that consuming CBD will not make you fail a drug test; that is so long as it has had all of its THC removed; or if it’s hemp derived (meaning it will already have virtually no THC).


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  1. I am 10 weeks pregnant and I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant. I was a very heavy smoker for the last 10 years plus. I am thin about 120lbs. I was living in Seattle so I had no concern about delivering my child and having any issues with testing positive for THC as it is very lenient there and my doctor in Seattle was supportive of me smoking marijuana. But as a personal choice I quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant. All of my family lives in South Carolina so I have relocated here to raise my child and deliver my baby. Now that I am here I am extremely concerned about the risk of me possibly losing my child due to the laws here. My aunt works at the hospital and told me that they test for THC and other drugs in the babies first stool. And that she sees people lose custody of their child all the time for testing positive for THC. Am I at risk even though I have quit smoking and will not smoke at all for the remainder of my pregnancy.

    • Yes especially if you have been drinking water or any other diahrettic like coffee or alcohol. Also if you want to make extra sure go to the gym or go for a run to burn off any remaining thc in your body fat. Be careful though as if you have thc in your body fat and you burn it off it will cause a temporary spike in thc in your blood content and urine.

  2. I used to be a heavy smoker I quit about 35 days ago but last night drinking beers I smoke two drives off a joint how long is it going to take me to get clean again I’m not overweight at all I work construction and sweat daily drink a lot of water daily I have a drug test in 7 days will I be clean

  3. I was in jail for 7 months been clean for 7 months. I smoked for 3 days. I took 2 hits from a joint each day I have a ua in 21 days should I be good? I been running , sweating and drinking water

  4. quick one dude..
    i just got out of jail on the 2nd of july.. i sat out 120 days. well on the 3rd of july i smoked a blunt with 4 people.. and im taken a drug test for my probation today at 5o,clock..
    i use to be a heavy smoker.. but not big on wax, dabs etc… jus weed.. i smoked right before i went into jail also..
    am i in the clear??

  5. If i havent smoke for a year but i have a drug test in 6 days and i smoked yesterday would i fail ? I run alot and drink alot of water

  6. I smoke a at least 8 bowls a day and I’m 300 pounds. I’m having gastric bypass and they said I have to test neg for THC and nicotine before they preform the surgery. I just quit and don’t know how long I should wait before I take the test (the test is sensitive enough to pick up second hand smoke from both).

  7. I am 24 and am 6ft 2in and I weigh about 190. I have smoked for 3 years pretty heavy multiple times a day and I am 30 days clean and still can’t pass the high end home drug test. I figured by now I should be on the bright side but still can’t pass.

  8. I got 25 days until my drug test. I weigh 240lbs. I smoked maybe 5 grams of kush over the last 2 weeks. I have a a very strenuous job where I sweat alot and I drink 6 to 8 bottles of water daily. what’s my odds of passing?

  9. I haven’t smoked for 3 weeks and have drank a ton of water and Gatorade . i have a drug test tomorrow. Do you think i will pass ? I only smoked a couple of times a day.

  10. I haven’t smoked weed or anything in 2 years I hit an oil pen twice 5 days ago it was 60% or under I just took a ua am i screwed or am I ok

  11. I’ve smoked for ten years plus. I quit smoking for 3 weeks and messed up and hit a blunt a couple of times a couple nights ago. I got a drug test in one week. What do you think my chances are in passing the test? What can I do to help make sure I will have clean urine?

  12. I smoke on Sunday, not much maybe three puffs today is Tuesday and I have a drug test tmrow if I drink a lot of water will I pass?

  13. Please tell me how my wife could fail a urine test she just had today at her job when she last smoked over 7 wks ago? Also, she only smoked a few times over a 5 day stretch. Each time was maybe one or two hits before bed time. Thats it. Shes been clean for almost 2 months. Shes about 5’4, 170-175lbs. Lastly after her test, she went to walgreens and got Quickscreen at home drug test, the results are negative. Is this possible???

  14. Hello I need help!!!! I dont smoke at all. I weigh 230lb so im fat and am 5,4″. I had a piece of my boyfriends cookie saturday a little over two nights ago. It was probably 10-15mg if that Then I got a call from a job and they scheduled me for a drug test ecup non-DOT yesterday within the next 3 days. SO i have till Thursday 2pm to take it. I am detoxing with tea to clean my liver and kidneys and drinking plenty of water. From what I heard the Urin test is 50ng/ml which im think I will pass…its the gc/ms i am worried about because the cut off is 15ng/ms. Can anyone relate to this and pass their test by anychance? Should I be worried?

  15. Can someone please educate me if I smoked three joints January 12 till January 14 well I come up positive if my test is January 28 please help

  16. I smoked a joint of dro past friday, and then on saturday i smoked two joints of dro, it is thursday now and i was positive on a home drug test and i have an interview this following tuesday, im not a regular smoker, do you guys think i can be clean by then, any detoxes?

  17. I am overweight and also a heavy smoker and when its required for me to pass a drug test I stop for bout 21 days. In between I consume plenty of coffee and water and do weightlifting, cardio, and walking. I pass with ease every time. Some posters are full of shit and say they seen positive results months after quitting.

  18. Hello, I haven’t smoked in 32 days and I run 3 miles a day and consume a lot of liquid. I just took a marijuana strip tst and was unsure if passed or not it said I did but I’m not sure if it is accurate. I weigh 135 lbs. And I’m 5’4in. If I’m due for a urine cup test, will I pass???

    • I just took a urine test for a temp agency . I was a heavy smoker, 230lbs, 5’8″ . it’s been close to 2 months since I stopped and I just failed the test. I went in thinking I was good to go but I freaking failed! I thought 30 days I was good but it’s been at least 50 days.

  19. He just wants your money. Anything below 50ng passes. 50ng is the average natural content of your body. Its all about the levels. Don’t get ripped off

    • I knew something was fishy..they reported back too the company I was applying too, explained too the HR lady what was said…she she sorry the info has are ready been submitted you can reapply in 6 months…I took that test on a Friday the following Monday passed the same test..I was with this job for a week I pretty much worked in a inferno and believe I sweated every metabolites or THC out of my body but recently I did a swab test first time ever it was a 10 panel test I felt like a retard sucking on a lollipop and I passed that with no problem

  20. I puffed a blunt 6 times will I be dirty in one week for probation I’m 5’5 weight 155 and I stoped smoking two months ago

  21. I had some edibles while sick, about 3 months ago and then had a couple of puffs about 7 weeks ago. Will I pass a drug test?

  22. hello not sure if this is the right area on THC but I will give it a try…2 weeks ago or so I went for a pre job drug test I was 103 days THC free and failed my test the guy said I had 32ng in my system but keep repeating too me for 150 dollars you can re-test, which I thought was odd did I fail my test or you he just wanted my money anyway’s I am now 113 days THC free I have sweated a lot more then I have since the drug test I drunk qcarbo clear 20….when or how long will it take too rid my body of THC or 32ng…thanks for your time

  23. I’m a heavy smoker- bongs daily- On may 1st I failed a company wide pop drug test. They suspended me pending a clean test. I bought all kinds of detox kits, tried everything (infrared saunas, steam, working out daily, sweating any way I can etc). I took an at home test 3 weeks after the failed test, and it still came back as positive. If I had only been a coke head or heroin junky!! I am goin to do a self-pay drug test at the hospital so I can get the results and see how much time I have left.
    Don’t waste your money on Detox kits- they don’t work.

    • As long as you have fat in your body THC will stay longer…. If you have body like Bruce Lee had you would be in the clear within 2 weeks…. I can see only way out in natural processes and trying to breathe a lot (sports) as thats what burns fat – oxygen … so go straight , plenty of water, fresh air, exercises, yea Sauna , clean life and clean food… fruit and veggies… no sugar no alcohol no processed food and fats…. I am sure you can make it and off course, at the last day, just before the test you drink tons of water that evening and if test is in the morning then 2 litres an hour before the test as your metabolism will just get rid of the excessive water so Pee would come out cleaner….

  24. I tested clean on a home test from E-bay and Amazon on day 13. I smoked 1-2 times per week the last 3 weeks, and 4-5 times a week for the 5 weeks before that. I just drank a lot of Gatoraid & Poweraid, a LITTLE water, a jug of green tea spread over 3 days, and ate light. I was surprised I passed, but that is all I did, except ride my bike about a mile a day for 3 days. I can testify that unless you are a HEAVY smoker, this will work!! I am 54 years old, 5′ 10″ tall and weigh 181 lbs. I hope this helps, and will put your mind at ease. I did it to find a new job.

  25. My son in law last smoked 3/31. He took a hair & UA today.. worked out everyday since 3/31… used the cleansing soap 2 times and drank like a gallon of water a day. Do you think he will pass?

  26. I smoked every weekend for the past 3-4months about 2 blunts every weekend and i haven’t smoke for 2 weeks and i have a drug test coming up. how much longer should i wait to take my drug test?

  27. I’m a 5’1, 160 pound, 19 year old female who had only been smoking weed for about 5 months. I’ve quit smoking for 4 weeks now to be able to pass a drug test, if I’ve quit smoking 4 weeks ago and had only been smoking weed for about 5 months prior to that should I be clean by now?

  28. Im 5’9 and weigh 280 I took 2 puffs off a joint on May 17 2017 it is May 23rd 2017 I havent smoke for a long time I drink so much water and I have been walking and sweating. Do you think I am clean from the thc now

  29. I NEVER smoke and am super sick so decided why not it’ll help me sleep. Then I randomly got a call 2 days later offering me a job. Downside is it requires drug test. Any suggestions or I should forget passing the test???…

  30. I have a test coming up tomorrow and I wanted to try the zydot cleaning drink! Does anyone know if I tested it out today would it effect the results of taking the other one tomorrow?

  31. my friend used to boil cannabis and drink in January, she did this for about 2 weeks. her urine changed the colour and smell but the color got back to normal but the smell has refused to go, what can she do

  32. You should be good after 3 days. I got arrested and I was devastated. I stopped cold turkey for about 1 year and then I smoked again 3 days before a job interview. Surprise drug test came along and long story short I got the job.

  33. Last Wednesday night I smoked about 2 bowls with my gf (with a piece) then the same in the morning. Last Saturday I smoked a tiny bowl myself. Last night I smoked 1g joint and about 4 bowls with my gf then 2 bowls this morning. I’m 5’7 weighing 145lbs with high metabolism. How long you think it’ll take for me to pass?

  34. I am 240lbs I took a small dab a 5 days ago how long think it will take me to get clean before that I had quit for a little over a month before that I used to be a heavy smoke before quiting for a little over a mounth

  35. I smoke from a 1 hitter once or twice a day for past month. 3 or 4 hits is enough to help me sleep and thats all i use it for. I have 14 days to take a urine test … odds i will pass?

  36. I haven’t smoked in 13months but broke that on the night before 4/20. I smoked maybe two blunts(divided into 3 ppl) and then also smoked on 4/20 and a little bit this morning. I use to smoke avidly 13 months ago because I had my medical card. Once I stopped it took a very long time to get the THC out of my system, like two and a half months and even then I still had trace amount went I applied for a job. My question is will the THC-COOH exit my system quicker since I’ve only been smoking for 2.5days and have only smoked maybe 3grams overall more or less?..?

    I’m pretty sure my doctor may test me the next time I go in so I want to schedule my appointment accordingly.

  37. I am 50 something female, 5’3″, 160 lbs. been smoking daily for almost 40 years. Need new job so had to quit. I bought some tests from Walgreens for about $7 each. Testing weekly and finally after 8 weeks, came out clean. Whew. Btw – just got a new job and they didn’t test.

  38. I found tests at rite aid and the more u test for the more it costs.. A marijuana test is about $16 there.. But at the family dollar they have the same type of test that Ik works and it’s only for pot.. That test is $1!!!
    id rather pay a buck that 16 if ur only testing for weed.. They look for the same thing, thc-cooh

    • Thanks! I saw the tests at Rite Aid and wondered if they test for the thc-cooh. Maybe I will try the family dollar first. 🙂

  39. I don’t usually smoke. Last time I did was December 28th,2016. I shared a joint and a half with my best friend April 2nd and have a piss test April 7th,2017. Not a big smoker to begin with. Weight 165 pounds height 5’9″. Wondering if I will pass?

  40. yall trippen balls i smoked evryday for 5 years about 10 joints in a day then went to 1 at night for last month after that month i had to test after 28 days i was clean so yall soo stupid 90 days

    • Are you a thin guy? Maybe even underweight? THC-COOH is fat-soluable, so if you have a very low BMI you likely didn’t store a lot of it in your system to begin with.

  41. It took 4 months to get it out of my system.. I’m on probation, and I go to drug classes, plus I get treatment at a clinic… I’m tested 3 times a month.. it took 4 months to get clean.. without smoking or being around it at all!!! plus I was drinking hella water!! Depends on ur body and how much u smoke!!

    • Hey by any chance were you exercising or anything? and how much did you weight I’m on day # 37 of being clean and with a so called 7 day detox that did nothing, I’m 400 pounds, I’ve been eating clean and working out and sweat is there anything else I can do to speed up the process.

  42. Okay I have smoked the smallest Pinner joint Saturday night it is now Wednesday I have a drug test to take on Friday I’m about 220 pounds and about 5 foot tall I used to be a very heavy smoker and I quit about a month-and-a-half ago do you think it will be all out of my system

  43. This past weekend i smoked about 3 bowls. Its tuesday now, and my drug test is in 18 days. Im 5’7” and weigh about 140. Can i pass if i drink a lot of water and exercise?

    • You could pass that test easy, 18 days is more than enough time, Im 145 pounds as well and i passed a drug test smoking Friday and getting tested Sunday. took me a lot of dilution though.

  44. I get trsted every 4th of the month , if i smoke 1 or 2 days after i take the test , will i come out clean on the next month on the 4th? Pleaseee help

  45. Certal works on marijuana piss test you can find it in the jello I’ll pretty much anywhere it just takes a little bit and some water drink a lot of water with it take a piss and then drink more water and your second pissed will be clean

  46. haven’t smoked for 30 days although i continued to be around it daily ( my husband is an avid smoker), i was a regular user about 3 dutches a night to help me sleep. Did a home marijuana test today and it was still positive, i’m about 180lbs and 5’6″, i drink about 3 liters of water daily.. But i still smoke cigs. if i retest in 15 days should it be at least non detectable by the home test.

  47. Havent smoke over 3 yrs it just little bit.
    Then 1 day i smoke 1 1/2 blunt was high just cool . im fit person skiny average work out 3 or 4 days . how long it will last in my urine or get clean if i contiune my routien drink water and juice until testing?

  48. I have a urine test this Wednesday. I stopped smoking jan 23rd. When i was smoking, i would smoke an 8th a week myself. Im about 6 ft and weigh 180 lbs. I’ve been taking niacin every day. I’m worried that my piss will be hot. Do you guys think ill be clean this wednesday if i keep drinking water ?

      • 18 days ago I was tested for 32ng..lab said i failed but tested me at 50ng, and asked me 3 times to pay 150 for a re test so I did a little searching and found qcarbo20..I bought 2 bottles drunk one but still how long will it take to get out of my system or down to 15 ng…thanks

    • Be sure to drink lots of water and take a couple multi-vitamins a couple hours before the test so your sample won’t be to diluted looking.

  49. I’m not a frequent user, but on February 17th I smoked a bowl with some friends. Ever sense I’ve been drinking water. Should it be out of my system by now?

  50. I weigh 103 I’m 4’11
    I have a test on the 21st
    Any suggestions?
    I was thinking about the unisex whizanator (sp?)

    • Did you pass? I am 110, 5′. It’s been 12 days now and I’ve been sipping apple cider vinegar tea. I am a daily smoker. Anywhere from 3-5 times a day depending on day of week. I think I have another 5 days or so before I will get scheduled for a test. I’m just wondering if I should do the GNC detox drink on top of the apple cider vinegar.

    • Havent smoke for 3or 4 yrs but little bit then 1 day smoke 1 1/2 blunt just high was cool. Im fit and skiny avarege work out 3 0r 4 days . how long it will last in the urine until testing?
      Going 8 days

  51. I quit smoking 5 days ago. I now have about 41 day until my test. I am willing to never smoke again to get and keep this job. But will i pass if I used to smoke everyday. A few bowls a day M-F and then like 10 bowls a day on the weekends?

        • Daily, heavy user for over a decade. 20 pounds overweight and after 5 MONTHS I am still dirty. Don’t believe the hype. If you smoke a lot it can stay in your system so much longer than people think or tell you. If you are thinking of changing jobs give yourself 6 months if you smoke quality weed in high quantities daily. Buy home tests… they are cheap!

      • so you have to be skinny to pass in as little as two weeks and if you are over weight it could be a year before you come up clean so unfair so if you are over weight you have to lose weigh and will be able to pass in two weeks. or wait a year at same weight abstaining and still not pass if too obese. no wonder drug addicts are skinny faster to pass a drug test.

    • You can find fake pee in many places. It’s about $40 but idk if they’d just sell it anywhere. That’s a way you can do it, but I don’t have much other help then if you can’t get some, try to flush your body out using cranberry juice and peeing pretty frequently. Also. If you smoke cigs, it will lock the weed down for longer than it should. If you’re completely willing to quit for a minute, quit all smoking, and then if u smoke u can go back.

    • You shouldn’t have any problem. Drink a lot of water up until 2 days before because they can tell if ur drinking to much water. Its called watered down. Of you only smoke occasionally and haven’t smoked in say a month or two it will be out of your system. It all depends on when was the last time u smoked before this time and how much u have smoked in the prior times. Good luck but u will be fine.

  52. Hi. I’m 18, about 150lbs. Cig smoker. I exercise about 4-5 times a week and drink a lot of water and I also have a high metabolism. I smoked weed for the first time in about six months Jan. 20th and it was less than a blunt. I had a drug test Feb. 1st.

  53. Hi im 20 about 240lb and 5’7 i got pier pressured to smoke with a few friends about 4 days ago and i was wondering how long woulf it take to get out of my system since i have to take a urine test?

    • Probably about a week from the time you smoked. Right before the piss test drink alot of water. By alot I mean around a gallon over a few hours. Pee twice. The third piss should be really clear. That’s the one you want to put in the cup. If you really want to know if you’ll pass, go to Walgreens and get a test kit and test yourself so there’s no doubts.

  54. Hi. I am 24 y/o. 47kg and 170cm. I have high metabolism. I’m a cigga smoker. On 10th til 13th jan, I smoked weed after a very long time, about a year ++. It was mix with cig (joint), 3-4 hits for each day. All a sudden I will have my medical checkup for a job on 12th Feb. Will I pass the test? Thank you.

  55. First, when you smoke or do some other drugs they are basically mixed in with the protiens and such that your hair and nails grow from. so all the hairs that are growing or about to grow when you use contain the evidence of that use. It’s pretty much a part of the hair and the only way to be rid of it is to lose the hair.
    I didn’t know about the saliva test, but It sound like it could solve the work place and dui issues I’ve heard of. in states where it is legal. Just as drinkers must avoid drinking for a certain period of time before driving or working, I think smokers should be able to abstain for periods of 12 – 15 hours for safety as well. And the saliva test seems like it could be the way to allow authority to be able to know if someone is “currently” intoxicated or not.

  56. Drinking your own pee, seriously sounds crazy, but if you digest the THC-COOH in your own urine, it modifies it to THO-CCOH which is totally undetectable. Ask your doctor.

  57. When you’re going to apply for a job, try to figure out when the drug test is. Use the above guidelines. Order mega cleanse online if you’re worried ($100, takes a week). Before the test, or even applying, pay $50 for your own, private, 5-panel drug test so that there will be no surprises.

  58. You can buy an herbal supplement at GNC called :Cleansing Formula”. It’s a little expensive, but it really works. I’ve smoked pot the night before a piss test and it came out clean. Here’s how it works. Carry 12 of the herbal tablets with you at all times. If you’re called upon to take a drug test, begin taking these tablets in groups of threes a hour before your test time. You can stall, it’s easy. Take 3 tablets every 15 minutes with a pint of water until you’ve taken all 12 of them.. When you go into the bathroom to pee in the container, allow your stream to flow for 3 or 4 seconds before you actually pee into the container. Then only give the minimum amount. If you do all these things correctly, you should pass the test. I’ve taken three or four tests in this manner and passed every one of them.

  59. When I was in the Army, the way we would beat the urinealysis was we would keep a packet of regular table salt in our shorts. If called on to whiz in a cup get some of the salt on your finger and let the urine stream run off it and pass the salt into the sample. What this did was guarantee the sample would be kicked out for having been adulterated and within 30 days we knew we would be retested, then use the time to stay clean so you could guarantee passing the next test. Hope this helps beat what is an obvious invasion of privacy!

  60. i was a flight attendant working a flight to amsterdam. a passenger on the flight introduced himself as an attorney and started discussing the absurdness of airlines testing employees for THC. he said you could test negative for alcohol before a flight and have a couple drinks in the airplane lavatory and be tested again when you land and no one would be the wiser. he went on to say that THC on the other hand would get you busted even if you had it while on vacation a month earlier and that was ludicrous.

    personally i don’t smoke or drink…i’m just sayin’

    BTW: 8 people die everyday in the US from alcohol poisoning. no one has ever died from THC poising. either booze should be illegal or pot legalized. it is currently categorized as a class 1 narcotic along with heroin. meth is a class 2. common sense is not so common.

  61. The THC-COOH is deteced in Urine from the fatty tissue on the walls of your kidneys, bladder and urinary track. Your first pee in the morning is the most potent as it’s been stored hot for many hours.
    1. Drink 16 oz of water or Cranberry.
    2. Bring 16 oz of Cranberry juice to a boil.
    3. Remove from heat, add package of Fruit Pectin (for firming jams/jellly… find in jello aisle)
    4. Drink as soon as possible without burning your self
    5. Drink 16 oz of water or Cranberry.
    6. Take vitamin B-12 for odor and color so urine won’t be clear and suspicious.
    7. Your urine will be THC free for about 3 hours after you’ve pee’d twice. Continue sipping water and vitamin B-12

    The fruit pectin will pass through your stomach quickly because of the volume of fluids initiated by the first drink.
    It will form a thin layer of gelatin on the lining of your system and block the fatty tissue from transferring the oil based molecules.You will have a full bladder. Visit the bathroom before entering the lab because they often keep you waiting a while to analyze body language.

  62. Either the lab tech gave you a pass or they never ran your urine sample if you passed with extra water or with any other method you’ve tried. Honesty is the best policy. Overturn your local laws and smoke responsibility. Fight misinformation about marijuana.

  63. There are no “quick fixes”. Do not buy any of the “flush” products. They are an expensive scam and they don’t work. And you cannot “flush” your system with water, vinegar, or dandelion root either (although dandelions can be made into an interesting wine). That is because the metabolite created (THC-COOH) ends up residing in your body FAT- not in your bladder (or liver for that matter). Fluid flushing is only (partially) effective if you do not use very often and your overall plan is to dilute your sample.
    The best plan is as stated in the article- QUIT for as long as it takes for your system to clean itself up based on the scientific data. You can speed up the process (slightly depending on your BMI) if you get lots of exercise that makes you sweat and burn fat. Good luck.

        • It releases the THC, stored in your fat cells that you burn while working out, into your system. That then goes into your urine… Which goes into the cup… Increasing the likely hood you’ll pop over the 50ng/ml cutoff of most tests.

          • You can still exercise up to a day before your test. Think of it this way your body stores metabolites in the fat. You can ether release these by burning the fat or store them by burning only food. These are only detected when they are released. There are two situations that are hypothetically possible.

            One you smoke every hour with literally only a day before the test break, but you are gluttonous always eating and your body never touches its fat reserves. By the time you are tested there are no metabolites available to be detected.

            Two you are overweight and stopped smoking 3 months ago, however you put on all your weight while being a user. With your decreased appetite and increased activity levels you are starting to chip away at your fat reserves. You then test positive because the metabolites are circulating in your system.

  64. Back in the day I used a commercial product “Whizinator 2000” which was a fake dick and a heated pouch attached to a belt worn under the clothing. This worked even when someone was watching as the thing looked real and the company supplied synthetic urine for the tests. I passed several tests while smoking daily.

  65. If you unknowingly go some place where Marijuana is being smoked and you are alive and breathing how does the test distinguish you from the person who was smoking it?

  66. Herb is a Christian right to have and you don’t have to look far in your Bible. God says every green Herb ” marijuana” is good and very good. First chapter Genesis,first page and blessings from God! Hebrews chapter 6 verse 7 with herbs you have blessings from God.

  67. Wow, potheads always trying to skirt the system. Especially when their only defense and come back is “it’s only a little pot”. It’s still federally illegal, get over yourselves.

    • I can’t get over your mom’s browneye! That thang looks all sloppy and floppy like a flat tire now… But in its prime… Jeez! I used to beat the fart dust right off it like an old lady smacking the dust out of a rug with a broom. Squish that fart box like a bug in a rug… Know what I’m sayin!!?? I was like.. dannngggg. Let me fill her tank up with egg nog like it’s a holiday. Next thing I know you were born and ruined everything. I poked you in the forehead for a few months then gave up. She said she felt like a sinner so she wouldn’t taste my chocolate covered hot dog anymore. Mostly because when she would give you kisses some of the corn and debris from the deep would get stuck to your little baby face. Ohhhh… you would get pinkeye soooo bad. We finally gave it up and she’s a new woman. Anyways.. there’s the possibility that I’m your dad. Probably not though, mostly because we only did the sinner holes. Never know though I guess. Good luck little feller. Look me up sometime. Sure… You can call me dad. Sorry about the pinkeye.

  68. Thank goodness for scrolling so I could find the answer the title poses about 1/3 down the page instead of wasting my time reading all those paragraphs above the actual answer. Shorter articles please. People don’t have time to waste these days.

  69. Creatine monohydrate and B vitamins and water morning of. But you’d better look that one up. I can say it worked for me heavy smoker at 11 days and having low body fat. Most of the “drug buster kits’ use it , but no reason to pay 50-80 for a kit when you can buy the same stuff less than 10 and follow the same routine.

    Easier just to quit for 30 days, as most drug test have variance factors to adjust for vegetarians, motrin takers, etc. that can also cause false positives and “lawsuits” which these testing companies , being scam ops want to avoid.

  70. I would be interested in knowing how they determine the .04 nanogram limit for driving while impaired. I live in Colorado but am afraid to smoke due to being busted for dwai for alcohol.

  71. Great article! Unfortunately this is still valuable knowledge in our world. Wouldn’t it be great if de-regulation and rescheduling did away with drug tests altogether?!

  72. To expedite flushing process, if you go to the gym, after your work out, use the sauna for 20 mins every day. If you have time, try 15 mins, take a break to cool off and then another 15 mins. Obviously don’t use the sauna too long…listen to your body.

  73. I was in the Army from ’05 to ’09 stationed at fort Bragg NC. A few friends and I smoked in the barracks DAILY. We also received random drug testing monthly. We all used a detox drink called Ultimate Gold. I recommended this drink based off experience being on probation as a minor. If you follow the instructions on the bottle exactly, you’re probably 95% likely to pass a urine test. I never failed once using this product, out of many, many tests. Hope this helps someone else.

  74. I found a website before that said to drink a lot of water, and the morning of your test, take 4 regular aspirin. I passed a urine test using this method after smoking 3 days earlier. I don’t know the reason, but it did work for me.

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