Poll: 61% of New Hampshire Voters Support Legalizing Cannabis

newhampshireA new WMUR Granite State Poll has found that a strong majority of voters in New Hampshire support legalizing recreational cannabis. According to the poll, just 24% of voters in the state favor keeping cannabis illegal.

Unsurprisingly, support for legalization was strongest among liberals at 79%, and lowest among conservatives at 41%. Among those who consider themselves moderate, 75% state that they support legalization. Among all age groups only those 65 and older have more opposed to legalization than those in support of it, but it’s close; 43% to 48%. Males and females both had equal support for legalization at 61%.

When accounting for all adults and not just likely voters, support is similar; 62% compared to 61%.

The poll was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.

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