Medical Cannabis Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot in Montana

montanaA bill to expand access to medical cannabis by reversing unreasonable restrictions will be voted on this November after proponents submitted thousands more signatures than necessary to put it to a vote.

In 2004 Montana voters legalized medical cannabis with 64% in support. This law was subsequently dismantled through legislative and legal action, leaving the current law just a shadow of what it once was. A new restriction going into effect on August 31st would limit medical cannabis providers to just three patients, which will lead to the closure of all currently operating medical cannabis cooperatives.

Initiative 182 would reverse these restrictions, which would greatly expand access to medical cannabis in the state.

The initiative would require providers of medical cannabis to obtain licenses submit to yearly inspections. It would allow for product testing, and would add post traumatic stress disorder as a qualifying medical cannabis condition.

“We’re not just rolling back to the laws we had before,” says Jeff Krauss, treasurer for the group supporting Initiative 182. “It’s an improved law.”

The initiative will be voted on this coming November 8th.

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