Study Shows Cannabis Vaporizer Use Is Less Toxic Than Smoking

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Study Shows Cannabis Vaporizer Use Is Less Toxic Than Smoking

penMany people strongly believe that using an herbal vaporizer pen or another type of marijuana vaporizer is safer than smoking cannabis. These individuals can now point to a clinical study to support their positions regarding the health benefits of vaporizer pens.

About the Landmark Study

The study in question was published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics and was conducted by Chemic Labs on behalf of two organizations: the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and California NORML. Funding for the research was provided by the Marijuana Policy Project.

What the Study Involved

For the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics study, scientists used a Volcano desktop vaporizer to produce clouds of vapor and then analyzed its contents using a device called a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. To compare cannabis vapor to smoke, the scientists also tested samples of combusted marijuana.

Summary of What the Study Found

Here are some of the findings of the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics study:

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  • About 95 percent of the vapor consisted of the psychoactive substances in marijuana: THC, cannabinol (CBN), and one other cannabinoid.
  • Only 12 percent of the smoke consisted of the psychoactive substances in marijuana: THC, cannabinol, and one other cannabinoid.
  • The remaining 5 percent of vapor was shown to contain just three substances: one compound that is closely related to cannabinoids, a natural plant oil, and one possible polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), a potentially harmful substance.
  • Roughly 88 percent of smoke consisted of substances that were not vapor. There were 111 compounds present. At least six of these chemicals were identified as PAHs.
  • Concentrations of CBN were much higher in the vapor sample than they were in the smoke sample. This is significant because many of the health benefits of marijuana are believed to be at least partially, if not primarily, owed to CBN.

The Takeaway

The data observed and recorded as a part of this study suggests that:

  • Vapor is much less toxic than smoke and likely to be safer over the long term.
  • Vapor contains fewer irritants than smoke, making it less likely to cause respiratory side effects.
  • Vapor is more potent and provides more of an important natural cannabinoid for medical use than smoke. This means that vapor is potentially more beneficial for medical use.

The Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics study does provide very promising data that is likely to lead more doctors to recommend weed vaporizer products to patients who could benefit from medical marijuana. Of course, more research is needed to prove that the results from this study are the same with all types of vaporizer products, including portable marijuana vaporizer models, wax vaporizer pens, herbal vaporizer pen products, and other desktop vapes. We’re likely to continue seeing more studies into marijuana vaporizer use as more states legalize medicinal cannabis and recreational weed use.


  • Trey
    July 14, 2016

    I can believe those studies. And hopefully because of the use of marijuana vaporizers, more states will legalize medical marijuana….as it’s been proven to help those with PTSD and those going through cancer treatment. And it works wonders for people who have seizures.

  • Jamie
    July 15, 2016

    Why have I never heard of marijuana vapors before?! This is super interesting, especially the point about potentially being better for medical use. I would really like to see this catch on. Anything that’s more convenient, more potent, and less harmful gets an A in my book. Vaping is so popular these days so I can see vaporizers for weed really catching on.

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