Hemp Bill Signed Into Law in Hawaii

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Hemp Bill Signed Into Law in Hawaii

hempHawaii Governor David Ige has signed into law a bill that establishes a pilot program allowing for the cultivation and production of industrial hemp. The signing comes roughly two months after the measure was approved unanimously by the state’s House and Senate.

Specifically, Senate Bill 2659 calls for the creation of an industrial hemp pilot program that allows farmers who receive a license from the Board of Agriculture to cultivate and produce hemp for agricultural and academic research. The measure provides funding to the Board of Agriculture to help facilitate the program.

“Hemp truly is a miracle plant,” State Representative Cynthia Thielen said after the bill’s signing. “With the newly signed hemp law Hawaii will be able to tap into this exciting technical field, bringing down the price of energy systems and storage in our islands.”

The pilot program will be repealed in five years if lawmakers don’t extend the program, make it permanent or legalize hemp entirely.

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