Canada: 69% Support Legalizing Cannabis

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Canada: 69% Support Legalizing Cannabis

canadaA new Nanos survey has found that 69% of those in Canada who are 18 and older support legalizing cannabis, with just 26% opposed to the change.

According to the poll, support for legalization is highest in B.C., with 76% of respondents favoring legalization. Support is lowest in Prairies, though a large majority of 62% stated that they favor legalization.

Overall, just 4% of those surveyed stated that they’re undecided, indicating the a vast majority of Canadians have their minds made up on the issue.

The poll was commissioned by CTV News, and was conducted between May 27th and June 1st, 2016; it had roughly 1,000 participants.

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According to the poll, 88% of respondents believe that the government should monitor cannabis for quality and safety purposes; just 10% are opposed to this idea, with 2% undecided.

When it comes to regulating medical cannabis dispensaries, a whopping 82% are in support, with just 14% opposed.

Health Canada announced this week that they’re forming a task forced designed to give recommendations on how the country should go about legalizing cannabis, something new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised would get done under his leadership.

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