Bill to Add PTSD and Terminal Illness to Medical Program Passes Illinois Legislature, Expected to Become Law

kentuckycannaIllinois’ full legislature has given approval to Senate Bill 10, a measure to expand the state’s medical cannabis pilot program by extending the deadline and adding two new qualifying conditions.

Senate Bill 10 was passed overwhelmingly in both the House – 86 to 27 – and the Senate – 50 to 7. It now goes to Governor Bruce Rauner for consideration. Although Rauner previously vetoed a bill to add PTSD as a qualifying medical cannabis condition, he recently announced that he has reversed his opposition and will not veto this new bill; whether he’ll sign it into law, or allow it to become law without his signature, however, is unknown.

In addition to PTSD, terminal illness will be added as a medical cannabis condition under the new law, which will extend the deadline for the state’s pilot program to 2020, from 2018.

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