Tennessee Hemp Legalization Bill Signed Into Law After 117 to 2 Vote in Legislature

hemphempLegislation (House Bill 2032) legalizing the licensed cultivation and production of industrial hemp has been signed into law in Tennessee by Governor Bill Haslam. With 119 members of the state’s legislature voting on the bill, only two members voted “No”.

The new law, introduced by Representative Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby), allows farmers to cultivate hemp as an agricultural product, so long as they receive a license from the state’s Department of Agriculture. According to official projections, legal hemp cultivation will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for the state, while opening up a lucrative new market for farmers.

House Bill 2032 went into immediate effect. The measure does not require approval from the federal government take effect, despite hemp cultivation only being legal on the federal level for research purposes.

6 thoughts on “Tennessee Hemp Legalization Bill Signed Into Law After 117 to 2 Vote in Legislature”

  1. △-9THC is the LYNCHPIN to major HEALING and NUTRITION. Cannabis is complete nutrition for human homeostasis. Think Oranges…Vitamin C….NO Scurvy. Cannabis sativa is for industrial uses. This incessant ignorance, fear, and loathing of THC is counter productive. Keep drinking the government / corporate koolaid..

  2. Cannabis sativa is industrial for many purposes. The same people who are anti cannabis keep promoting ruderalis over sativa…Damn! Fooled and screwed again!

  3. Hemp doesn’t have the psychoactive attributes because it’s devoid of THC. Hemp does have cannaboids which can be used for supposed cancer, seizure, depression issues. Hemp is also able to be used to make clothes, paper, even hemp plastic that is biodegradable!! So many environmentally destructive materials can be replaced with the use of hemp. And yes, it is one step closer to the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

  4. So what does this actually mean? People can now legally buy it and use it as medicine for cancer patients people with glaucoma eating disorders and xhro if pain? I’m not completely understanding this bee law. Please explain what this means? Can we as citizens but it from licensed farmers and not get thrown in jail? Th a k you for your time I look forward to the answers to my questions.


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