Alabama’s Full Legislature Votes 124 to 7 to Legalize Medical Cannabis Oil

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Alabama’s Full Legislature Votes 124 to 7 to Legalize Medical Cannabis Oil


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Alabama’s full legislature has passed a measure to legalize the medical use of low-THC cannabis oil for those who receive a recommendation from a physician.

The proposal was approved with overwhelming bipartisan support: the vote was 95 to 4 in the House of Representatives, and 29 to 3 in the Senate. The bill now goes to Governor Robert Bentley for consideration.

“This is an opportunity to give some sunlight to families,” said Senator Paul Sanford, who sponsored the bill in the Senate. “They don’t want to feel like criminals, but they know they need to try something like this.”

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Under the proposed law, it would be legal for those with a recommendation from a physician to possess and use cannabis oil that has no more than 3% THC. Unfortunately the law doesn’t authorize distribution centers, leaving patients to fend for themselves in procuring their medicine.

Although Governor Bentley has the option of vetoing the measure, it was approved with far more than enough support needed to override it.

The measure has been named Leni’s Law after Leni Young, a child who suffered a stroke in-utero and was diagnosed with an epilepsy condition and a rare form of cerebral palsy after birth.

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  • Evidence-Based Shaman
    May 3, 2016

    Anthony, you do a really great job here, a great asset to the cannabis community.

    Medically speaking it’s a mistake to limit patient’s to any particular ratio of cannabinoids. Not just picking on Alabama here. No one can anticipate a child’s actual cannabis-based needs in terms of CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, etc., without trial and error.

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