Medical Cannabis Expansion Bills Passed by New York Assembly Health Committee

medcannabisNew York’s Assembly Health Committee has passed two bills that would expand the state’s restrictive medical cannabis program.

Under the proposed laws, the state’s requirement that distributors of medical cannabis products must cultivate their own cannabis and produce their own medical products would be repealed. The measures would also double the number of companies allowed to distribute cannabis to registered patients (the number would rise from four, to eight).

“We have a program that is tied in up restrictions that make really no economic or political or public safety sense,” says Assemblyman Dick Gottfried, who chairs the Health Committee. “We treat medical marijuana with restrictions that nobody would tolerate if we tried to apply them for any of the other controlled substances that are prescribed hundreds of thousands of times a day in New York.”

Both bills now move towards full Assembly votes, where their passage will move them to the Senate.


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