U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Colorado’s Cannabis Legalization Law

U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Colorado’s Cannabis Legalization Law

coloradoIn a historic decision, the United States Supreme Court today dismissed Nebraska and Oklahoma’s lawsuit challenging Colorado’s law that allows for the legal possession, cultivation and retail distribution of cannabis.

The lawsuit against Colorado’s cannabis law was filed in December, 2014 by the attorneys general for Nebraska and Oklahoma, who argued that the state’s decision to legalize the plant was “placing stress on their criminal justice systems.” Both the state of Colorado, and the Obama Administration filed briefs urging the court to dismiss the suit.

“This was a meritless lawsuit, and the court made the right decision”, says Mason Tvert, the Director of Communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, who helped spearhead Colorado’s legalization law (Amendment 64) in 2012. “States have every right to regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana, just as Nebraska and Oklahoma have the right to maintain their failed prohibition policies. Colorado has done more to control marijuana than just about any other state in the nation. It will continue to set an example for other states that are considering similar laws in legislatures and at the ballot box.”

You can view the Court’s decision on their website by clicking here.


  • Anonymous
    March 21, 2016

    If the federal government would just make cannabis 100% legal throughout all of America, then this wouldn’t even be an issue. We are fighting to make cannabis 100% legal in Missouri without any restrictions placed on cannabis and making it legal for our farmers to grow cannabis and hemp to be used to make things ranging from paper, cars, car parts, construction materials and to make biofuels allowing us to get away from importing oil. If the amendment MO2016-013 makes it on the Nov 8th ballot and is passed by majority vote, Missouri can lead the way in getting back our rights to this 100% nontoxic plant. It has to many benefits in the medical field alone for the government to keep it illegal and it’s safer then water! We have access to products, that basically all people have at least one or more of in their home and use one of them items every day and basically all of them are dangerous to our health and can and do cause death in people. Yet these are all legal for people to buy, own and use without any restrictions on most these items. One of those items is used by most people every day and it’s not commonly known that it’s poisonous and can kill a person, it’s your toothpaste and it even says on the tube that if more then normal amount used is swallowed to contact poison control immediately for help. If someone drinks to much water they can get sick and die and we have to have water to survive. Cannabis is looked at as a drug and I personally think it should not be and it should be considered as it is a food substitute. It has been proven to have benefits when someone consumes raw cannabis, they receive benefits from THC and CBDs only found in cannabis that has not been heated up in any way. There has never been a person who has overdosed and died from cannabis use. There really isn’t any major side effects that cause any significant medical issues in the user. The major side effect is the increase in the appetite, sleepy, dry mouth and temporary short term memory loss. If the federal government would just make cannabis legal accross all of America, these stupid law suits that are taking up the courts time and money, wouldn’t be an issue to begin with. This is a great win for what is basically an obvious choice to a stupid lawsuit that shouldn’t have been in the United States Supreme Court to begin with. We have been fighting this fight for over 80 years now and it’s time we get back our rights to cannabis and remove all government agencies involvment in our rights to this completely safe, nontoxic and medically beneficial plant.

  • Anonymous
    March 22, 2016

    Oh wah, cry me a f*@king river. I bet they don’t mind collecting the extra Revenue tho.

  • calicorock
    March 30, 2016

    Anonymous : Well said ! I enjoy reading your responses. However, one
    request. Would you please consider breaking up your longer post’s into paragraph’s ? This way, older folks like me, don’t get a headache trying to parse through them ? Just a suggestion. Thank you.

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