The Seattle Times Recommends Bernie Sanders


The Seattle Times, which is the largest daily newspaper in Washington State with the largest Sunday circulation in the Pacific Northwest, has officially recommended Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States.

“Authenticity and consistency are so rare in politics these days — no wonder a strong number of voters are supporting U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bid to become the Democratic candidate for president”, the paper’s editorial board states. “Sanders’ signature candor is a refreshing change from status quo politics. Many Americans share his frustration over the fact that more and more power is being concentrated today in the hands of a few.”

They continue; “He is the only candidate in this race, on either side of the aisle, who has spoken forcefully — and over years — against Wall Street’s willingness to take enormous risks while expecting public bailouts.”

The paper also notes that “Sanders bravely calls out the role of big money in politics and supports a repeal of the U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision. He has long warned about the dangers of media consolidation, which limits the range of information citizens need to maintain a strong democracy.”

They conclude by saying; “At this time, Sanders’ strength lies in his ability to generate important discussions on topics other entrenched politicians are too timid to touch.”

One of those topics, of course, is cannabis prohibition; Sanders is the only major party presidential candidate that has called for an end to the federal prohibition on cannabis (he even introduced legislation in the Senate in November to do just that).

You can find out why we here at TheJointBlog recommend Bernie Sanders by clicking here.

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