Group that Legalized Cannabis in D.C. Plans Smoke-Out in Front of White House on April 2

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Group that Legalized Cannabis in D.C. Plans Smoke-Out in Front of White House on April 2

dcmjThe D.C. Cannabis Campaign, the organization that successfully legalized cannabis in the district through a voter-approved initiative in 2014, announced today that they’ll be holding a massive protest and smoke-out in front of the White House on April 2. The group plans to call on President Obama to reschedule cannabis without Congress – which he has the legal authority to do – as well as pardon Americans currently jailed on nonviolent cannabis crimes.

“President Obama has the power to use his authority to reschedule cannabis”, the group says in their announcement of the event. “But recent reports have shown that he has no plans to change the status quo and, frankly, that is just pitiful.”

They continue; “While we have been able to drastically reduce arrests for marijuana possession in the District of Columbia, millions of Americans across the United States are not so lucky. As long as cannabis is treated in the same category of drugs as heroin, with no accepted medical use, police will continue to arrest & lockup our brothers and sisters.”

Because of this injustice, the group “will gather outside the White House at 2:00pm on Saturday, April 2 and have speakers from DCMJ and other cannabis advocacy groups. At 4:20pm there will be a mass-consumption of cannabis. We will not be seeking any type of permit from the National Park Police because it is our constitutional right to peacefully gather and demand Obama stop being hypocrite” (the group notes that Obama use to smoke cannabis).”

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According to the group; “A 4:20pm Mass-Consumption of cannabis includes smoking, vaping, but also eating. Do you think the National Park Service will go after your brownies, gummies, rice crispy treats, or cookies? Doubtful. As we #Reschedule420 this year, we encourage people who do not want to smoke or vape their cannabis to eat it as a form of protest. So in the misquoted words of Marie Antoinette, LET THEM EAT CAKE!”

Those wanting to find out more about this event should visit the D.C. Cannabis Campaign’s website by clicking here.

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