Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis Introduced in Ohio

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Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis Introduced in Ohio

medmarThe nonprofit organization Ohioans for Medical Marijuana has released the text of their initiative to legalize medical cannabis in Ohio, which the group is attempting to place on this November’s ballot.

Under the proposed law, those with a qualifying condition – including AIDS, cancer, PTSD and severe pain, among others – who receive a recommendation from a physician can legally possess, use and grow (up to six plants) cannabis for medical purposes. State-licensed cannabis cultivation centers, testing facilities and dispensaries would also be legalized.

The initiative would estbalish the Medical Marijuana Control Division which would first accept applications for cultivation centers and testing facilities in August of next year, with licensed for dispensaries following in February, 2018.

 The full text of the new initiative can be found by clicking here.

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  • vickia52
    March 2, 2016

    damn why so long? as it is roughly 18 mo. away!

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