Only 12% of Voters in Pennsylvania Oppose Medical Cannabis Legalization

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Only 12% of Voters in Pennsylvania Oppose Medical Cannabis Legalization

A new Franklin & Marshall College poll released today has found that 84% of Pennsylvania voters favor the legalization of medical cannabis, witjulyh just 12% opposed to the move. The poll, which was prepared by the Center for Opinion Research, Floyd Institute for Public Policy and Franklin & Marshal College, comes just days after Pennsylvania’s Senate Law and Justice Committee voted unanimously to approve a bill to legalize medical cannabis.

According to the poll, only 8% of the 12% opposed “strongly oppose” the legalization of medical cannabis. The remaining 4% “somewhat oppose” the move. Of those in support, 59% “strongly support” medical cannabis legalization, and 25% “somewhat support” it.

Under the proposal approved by the state’s Senate Law and Justice Committee, Senate Bill 1182, the possession and use and medical cannabis, including cannabis extracts and edibles, would be legal to those who receive a recommendation from a physician, and a registration card from the state’s Department of Health. Dispensaries will be authorized to provide safe access to medical cannabis. Unfortunately smoking cannabis will remain prohibited, although an individual can vaporize cannabis and consume it through a variety of other means such as cannabis sprays, tinctures and lotions.

Governor Tom Corbett opposes Senate Bill 1882, but according to Senator Daylin Leah, the bill is likely to pass the Senate 45 to 5, and pass the House with a similar vote. If the vote is this conclusive, it will be well more than enough to override a veto by Governor Leah.


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