100,000 Signatures Submitted in Florida for Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis

floridaThe nonprofit organization United for Care sent 100,000 signatures today to the Supervisor of Elections offices, well past what is needed to put their medical cannabis legalization initiative to a Supreme Court review.

According to Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager for United for Care; “The Supervisor of Elections has thirty days to verify that a petition is valid. Following verification, the Supreme Court will then schedule a review.”

Once approved by the Supreme Court, advocates will need to collect 683,169 valid signatures to place their initiative on next year’s presidential election ballot.

If placed on the ballot and passed into law, the proposal would legalize the possession and use of medical cannabis for those with a variety of ailments, while establishing dispensaries as a means of safe access to the medicine.

“This is a massive head start over the previous campaign – which started late. If we can sustain this pace, we should ensure our place on the ballot before the holidays,” said Pollara.

Powered by over 13,000 volunteers, United for Care is the largest organization in Florida fighting for a sensible medical cannabis law. The group successfully placed an initiative to legalize medical cannabis on last year’s ballot, though it failed despite receiving over 50% of the vote; it required 60% as it was a constitutional amendment.


5 thoughts on “100,000 Signatures Submitted in Florida for Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis”

  1. I’d like to spend Winter’s with some family living in Southern Florida but wouldn’t consider it without having access to medical marijuana (not that Washington’s medical patient friendly either but it’s available if you can afford it. Please, Floridians do us all ditch that awful Governor and his Drug-testing Magnate wife.

  2. I’m an amputee in pain every day because the one thing that will stop phantom pain is illegal and I have kids so I suffer and so do they without a dad that can stay engaged

    • I’m sorry to hear about your travails. Have you tried Passion Flower ( Passiflora Incarnata)? You can purchase it at many drug stores in capsule form. Just a suggestion .My Naturopathic Doctor recommended it to me. It is mildly euphoric, and initially similar to cannabis. It very relaxing and a good sleep aid for those in pain too. I recommend checking with your own Doctor (or a Nurse practitioner) first before trying it. It sounds like you could use some natural relief. Again,. Check with your Doctor or a Naturopath. Good Luck


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