10 Autoflowering Seeds You Must Try!

Autoflowering seeds

10 Autoflowering Seeds You Must Try!

People are buying up autoflowering seeds faster than toilet paper during Covid-19, and there’s a good reason why. No, they’re not sheltering under seed castles; that’s only for the TP.


If you’ve never grown before, autoflowering seeds are a good place to start. They finish quickly so you’ll get smokeable weed a bit faster and you won’t have nearly as much time to make mistakes. Plus, you won’t have a real need for timers or to lightproof your grow room.


Even experience growers are snatching up the really good AutoFems. Sometimes, they just want something easy. Other times, they’ve been caught short and like that they can harvest ripe buds while their more traditional plants are just finishing up with veg.

Delta Extrax


If you’re not sure what to buy, peruse this list of the best autoflowering seeds that our friends over at KillaBeez Seedbank put together. We’ll just tease you with a few that we really liked, then you need to head over to their site to check out the rest. They may even have a contest going soon to give away a few free packs of autoflowering seeds. You can’t beat free!


Autoflowering seeds


  1. Wedding Cheesecake Auto By Fast Buds


New fan favorite Wedding Cake comes together with classic UK Cheese to create this sumptuous masterpiece. Wedding Cheesecake Auto smells like sweet cream flavored with warm vanilla, tops out at 24% THC and matures in just 9 weeks total. The high? A warm physical buzz paired with a meditative head high.


  1. Lemon Juice Express Auto By Humboldt Seeds


Remember those sugar-dusted lemon drop candies your gran always kept in her big suitcase of a purse? That’s what <a href=”https://www.killabeez-seedbank.co.uk/lemon-juice-express-auto.html”>Lemon Juice Express Auto<a/> tastes like! This is a Jack Herer X Original Haze cross with genetics straight out of Amsterdam. The  high is all Sativa but not jittery – it’s a great one for wake-and-bake due to its happy but functional effect.


  1. Purple Punch Auto by Barney’s Farm


Are you fighting dampness and too much moisture? Purple Punch Autois ready and waiting to help. This mold and mildew resistant strain won’t let you get all the way to harvest before showing you her soggy bits and telltale fuzz. Instead, you’ll be amazed by her glittery purple hues, dense flowers and visible crystals. This is a 60-day Indica with a yummy apple pie flavour.


  1. Blackberry Auto by Fast Buds


Fruity strains have been popular way longer than autoflowering seeds, and Fast Buds’ Blackberry Auto successfully combines both traits. This strain ripens to a deep, dark purple and oozes with sweet berry flavour. It was the 1st place winner in Oregon’s Best Autoflower contest and only needs 8 weeks to mature. Genetics are Indica-dominant. That combined with 23% THC makes for a very, very strong stone.


  1. Narco Purps Auto by Cream of the Crop


Another purple strain, Cream of the Crop’s Narco Purps Auto is so glittery it’s almost unbelievably good looking. But looks aren’t the only thing this autoflowering seed has to offer. The stone is very sedating, bordering on narcotic, for a deep, restful buzz that’ll make you sleep like a baby. This one’s a 60-dayer with 16% THC and a high resistance to mold and pests.


View the rest of the list here

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