Tommy Chong Cancer Free From Using Cannabis Oil

Last year activist and comedian Tommy Chong announced that he was battling prostate cancer – he was di120611tommy-chong1agnosed eight years after feeling initial symptoms. Now, with great joy (and it puts a big smile on our face too), Tommy Chong has announced that he’s entirely cancer-free.

“I brought my PSA numbers down drastically and eliminated the cancer threat… That’s right, I kicked cancer’s ass! So the magic plant does cure cancer with the right diet and supplements. I’m due for another blood test, MRI, etc., but I feel the best I’ve felt in years”, stated Chong in a recent announcement.

Chong, during his battle, avoided narcotic and experimental treatments in exchange for a change in his diet, supplements and hash oil.

“With the diet, the supplements and the hash oil, plus a session with a world-renowned healer, Adam Dreamhealer, I’m cancer-free,” he wrote.

“And now for a celebration joint of the finest Kush.”

[Update 8/1/2016 (originally published 5/7/2013): Chong tells us that although his cancer returned in 2015, he once again fought it off and is now feeling better than ever. He continues to advocate for cannabis law reform, and is still touring with Cheech Marin.]


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About Anthony Martinelli

Anthony, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheJointBlog, has worked closely with numerous elected officials who support cannabis law reform, including as the former Campaign Manager for Washington State Representative Dave Upthegrove. He has also been published by multiple media outlets, including the Seattle Times. He can be reached at TheJointBlog@TheJointBlog.com.


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  1. Kimberly

    How do you take it. Food, rub on skin??? That is totally Awesome & need to know how you used it.

    Thanks & Congratulations!!!!!!1

  2. TheCap Man

    I am happy for Tommy Chong…BUT… I have one bone to pick!! What do you do if you are not RICHARD?? Where would a working stiff afford hash oil or even know where to get it?? So unless you are the pot culture and know where to buy pounds of pot to make your ur own oil….we working stiffs are again in n the short end of life!!

    So Tommy I am not overly impressed that celebs are not doing more to move the legalization of marijuana!!!

    1. Rich

      Tommy Chong spent a year of his life in prison (give or take, don’t remember exactly how long) for selling bongs! Not even weed. Pipes! And you have a bone to pick with him because he’s a celeb? I have a bone to pick with you! If that’s not commitment idk what is. He did time for this cause. What have YOU done besides try to criticize the man?

    2. FreedomFighter

      23 states have dispensaries and/or medical cannabis programs that allow you to grow your own for next to nothing. If you don’t live in one I suggest you move or actually do something to get one in yours instead of being ignorant and talking shit about someone who is THE biggest proponent of legalization. Maybe your just too busy whining and feeling sorry for yourself to get educated. You should instead be thankful you have a job. Must people in med pot programs are too sick to work and have to get by on minimal disability cheques from the givernment.

  3. Johnson Oleg

    ” I am here to express my profound warm gratitude to the Rick Simpson hemp oil, which i got from Dr Oscar. I am now leaving a healthy life since the past 1 Year i am now cancer free after the application and usage. You can contact for your medication from via email:droscarhealtcare01@hotmail.com Wish you all the best and a happy healing. Thanks and God Bless you for your help, i will keep on help you to fight cancer in the World.
    Johnson Oleg

    1. Rich

      This is SPAM

  4. Michael Davis

    Absolutely concur with a message I read above, do NOT order from anyone that claims they will send you oil. First and foremost it’s not legal to ship and if you hate bologna as much as me, you don’t want a diet that consists of at minimum 2 meals a day with that meat. I’m sure they have a breakfast entree of it too, so maybe 3 meals of this horrid meat. Anyone that has any experience with RSO will tell you, make your own, or if you’re a coward like me, continue to search and you will eventually find someone that will put it in your hand before the sale is transacted. Really I’m not a coward, I’m pragmatic. I probably would find out what naptha does when overheated to 186.5 degrees and I don’t wanna know. Throwing out a mention for HCO too. Holy Cannabis Oil, Exodus 30, 22- Holy anointing oil with a big nod to RSO. Long time member of aa I was thinking I would be able to do this without getting high, hopefully I will but if not I have several ours of Cheech and Chong to listen and remember my youth with.

    HCO to RSO comparison

  5. john hood

    My story has to do with the healing power of Dr. WILLIAMS LUNA cannabis oil.”My sister Khloe, age 65, was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on the inside of her backbone 2 years ago, which had metastasized from breast cancer she didn’t know she had. I prayed for a total healing with NO operation, no chemo and no radiation. not everyone has had the experience of knowing Dr. WILLIAMS LUNA as their Healer… but they can! Dr. WILLIAMS LUNA, father of all natural hemp.
    May the grace of God be upon you Dr. WILLIAMS LUNA for your good work and courage; and with his hemp we are healed”. Early this year i traveled to U.S. to visit a good friend of mine when i heard that Dr. WILLIAMS LUNA was around so i traveled to him and meet him one on one to purchase the healing oil from him,.. now am so happy and filled with joy that my sister is no longer a cancer patient and she’s completely healed with his miracle healing oil. The doctor himself confirmed to us on Tuesday last week that my sister Khloe is fully OK. No sign of cancer in her bone or breast again….Wow…Am so happy that my family and I have been thanking to Dr. WILLIAMS LUNA for his good work of saving this world with his cannabis oil. Please people i don’t know how to thank him enough so am dropping his contact Email;(cannabis_oil_for_cancer_cure@outlook.com) i am begging if you can spear 5 minutes of your time and please help me to thank him, he is truly a hero of this world and i pray for God’s strength and wisdom upon him.

    1. Joanna

      Hemp is not cannabis. Please get some education before telling people what oil they need. Some types of cancer grow with the wrong type of oil (THC DELTA 9 vs CBD)

      1. Kimberly


  6. harvart

    My Husband that was highly infected with colon cancer with mets to other parts of the body, he was even given 6 months to live. God, life for the family was a living hell with sorrow in the heart, but today i shouting out to the world that the cannabis oil have save my husband from dying. he is still alive and we are in the 10 months. God is so great to the Faithful.

    Thanks to Rick that sold the Hemp oil for us that we used in curing my Husband.Once again I want to thank Mr. Rick for his wonderful Hemp Oil we are now happy family with my Husband back alive, strong and healthy. You can contact Dr. Rick on every medical issue on his email:rickcancercure@gmail.com for more help.

    1. Rich


  7. harvart

    Hello,I have been talking to a friend of mine about your work with hemp oil and all of the health benefits that come with taking it. I almost have her convinced to try it but she wanted me to check and see if you have ever treated anyone that had Juvenile diabetes? Also a friend of mine here in N.B. has been taking the oil for approx 2.5 months now as a cancer treatment and he is doing great. He says that he is feeling perfect and that he can’t remember feeling this good for a long time and he has absolutely NO PAIN.
    Also a 19 year old boy from the community that has cancer just started taking the oil. He had been in bed for 3 days previous to taking the oil and had not been eating much of anything and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. The remarkable thing is that approx 20 minutes after taking a dose of the oil he got out of bed and walked out to the kitchen and asked for something to eat. Also that night he slept through the entire night and did not have to get up to take his pain medication. This is truly remarkable. On behalf of these 2 people and their families I thank you. And may God bless you all for your remarkable work. you can contact the foundation with this email:rickcancercure@gmail.com

    1. Rich


  8. Monica Cam

    Hey! I can’t believe this. A great testimony that i must share to all cancer patient in the world i never believed that their could be any complete cure for lung cancer or any cancer,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites of how Rick Simpson cannabis oil brought them back to life again. i had to try it too and you can,t believe that in just few weeks i started using it all my pains stop gradually and i had to leave without the drugs the doctor gave to me. Right now i can tell you that few months now i have not had any pain, and i have just went for text last week and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any cancer system. Glory be to God for leading me to this genuine to Risk Simpson. I am so happy as i am sharing this testimony. My advice to you all who thinks that their is no cure for cancer that is Not true ,just contact him and get cannabis oil from Rick Simpson to your cancer and you will be free and free for ever, Try it and you will not regret it because it truly works. One thing i have come to realize is that you never know how true it is until you try. There is no harm in trying. Remember, delay in treatment leads to death. Here is his email(cancermedicationcentre@gmail.com) Contact him and be free from cancer ?????

    1. Rich


  9. Beware the Fakes Below!

    I have been checking all the emails and doctor’s names listed below. Please be forewarned that they are fraudulent – do not purchase anything that says its from Rick Simpson. If you go to his website he has a disclaimer about impostors who are using his name. I received an email back from one email address – they are wanting people to send $970 via Western Union. The email is so poorly written that it is obviously a group of foreigners trying to get money out of desperate people.

    I have also checked out some doctor’s names. A few do exist but they have nothing to do with prescribing cbd oil for cancer.

    Many of the emails I sent were returned Maeler-Daemon. Just wanted everyone to know so you don’t waste your time and money.

  10. Timothy Snith

    Uch tyhYo dude’ what if your wrong? Yeah mr chong has been smoking most his life as did Bob marley but nether died of lung cancer but fact is method of delivery to the cancer cells is key’ I predict so brushing this off is shot sided I believe some day if you came back and read what you wrote’ you will say i damn i was such a tool oh hey dude. What would motivate people to lie about such a serious thing? Serious as cancer dude. So if you can’t find the compassion to help people Lt me put it his way ‘ shut the fukc up.k?k

  11. Jend


    My name is Jend and my father has been suffering from lung cancer and the doctor told us that there nothing he could do after doing 5 times chemotherapy and radiation and my father was not responding to treatment and not getting better.i was frustrated and confused and seeking advice from people until a friend told me about the Rick simpson cannabis oil and its fast curing ability of any kind of cancer and told me that her mother inlaw ovarian cancer was cured with the oil. I was desperate to save my father and contacted Rick simpson via ricksimpsoncannabisoil@gmx.com to get this miraculous oil. So far so good my father is responding to treatment of cannabis oil and the health condition have improved drastically for good.J

  12. sandra kent

    My journey with breast cancer started in November 2004. I was devastated, scared and numb when I found out I had cancer. At the time, I was 48 and thought that I was healthy.
    I immediately started researching doctors and treatments. I found a surgeon near my home outside of Savannah, Georgia to remove the tumor. After the surgery, I consulted with a local oncologist and radiologist. The doctors were so impersonal. They didn’t want to listen to a word I was saying. They wanted to put me in one of those cookie-cutter scenarios. There were no other options for me. They just wanted to cut, radiate and do the chemo. I felt with the way they were conducting business, I had to get a second opinion. so we decided to try Rick Simpson hemp oil. we contacted Rick via:ricksimpsoncancerfoundation@gmail.com, i used the oil for a month and there was great changes, am cancer free now.

  13. Trina Hills

    My name is Trina Hills , I live in Indianapolis, Indiana United State Of American I have a testimony to share to you all after been infected with a deadly
    cancer of the lungs and my lovely husband also infected with a mesothelioma cancer we thought that the whole world have ended because the doctor said our
    days are number we feel so very bad, One day we came a cross a Lady Nurse in a hospital were we went for weekly checkup after explaining our problems to the
    nurse she was deeply touch and she told us not to worry that we shouldn’t take this meds anymore is not helping us she know of one Dr Kelvin Moss who treats
    all kinds of cancer and virus with a powerful Cannabis oil so she introduce us to the Doctor she gave us the Dr Email address and Phone number to contact he which we did accord to the instruction she gave to us are son Eric contacted this very doctor the follow day we got a reply from him telling us no to worry that our cancer problem we be a thing of the past we’ll definitely get our life back all we have to do is to get some grams of the Cannabis oil purchase we
    did everything accord to the instruction from the doctor right now after taking the medication for just about 2 and a half months everything is gone and the
    cancer is cured totally I and my husband are very happy and we here to thank Dr Kelvin Moss for this great work for saving our life curing our cancer with
    his wonderful Cannabis Oil we are so great full …
    Here you can find below are his details you can contact him of any cancer or virus disease immediate assistance on medical issue you and your family may be
    experiencing Name:Dr Kelvin Moss email:(healthcare201@hotmail.com) ..Please don’t keep this opportunity to yourself tell the hold world and save more life out there thanks …

  14. Shaila Miller

    Thank God Almighty that lead me to Rick who with his humanitarian heart help my Daughter that had cancer of the breast with his Hemp Oil. I am so grateful that my 21 years old daughter is back alive and healthy and can do all this thing she like without any hindrance in his life. Rick Simpson, your medication is the only cure for cancer, tumor and from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely say you are the best and i will always give thanks to God for you to have long life so you can help many more people on earth with your medical service to humanity. with you i now believe that the Hemp Oil is real and True, for all those who have problem relating to cancer and other diseases should contact Rick Simpson on: ricksimpsonoilfoundation@gmail.com Shaila Miller.

  15. Mugasin

    My name is Mugasin from Ireland and my husband was diagnosed of liver cancer,He was even given 4 months to live.Our family were living in hell with sorrows in our hearts, but today i am shouting out to the world that the cannabis oil have save my husband from dieing.This cannabis oil was supplied to us from London United Kingdom via londoncancercentre@gmail.com with prescription on how to use it for the treatment of cancer.He is still alive and free from cancer and we are in the 11 months now. Joy have been restored to the family

  16. Shanty

    Hi, It nice to inform you all that I have done Chemo and Radiation 2 times for my Breast. My battle with Breast cancer started 5 years ago, after so many Chemo, Radiation and other natural therapy treatment that i took just to cure my Breast cancer, it all didn’t work for my condition. I have been treating this disease for the past 5 years, but today i am here telling the world about my final victory over Breast cancer with the help of Rick Simpson Hemp Oil or cannabis Oil that I bought from Dr. Rick at:Ricksimpsoncancercure102@gmail.com This is a breakthrough in my family with so much Joy in our life today, i do really appreciate all the help and contribution from every member of my family for all they did for me and much love to my caring and loving husband. My love, you gave me the strength. Let Stop Breast Cancer, Go for your test and save your life, but if you have any cancerous diseases, there is no need to waster money on Chemo or Radiation, go get your Rick Simpson medication.This is a medication that should be legalize worldwide, for those who wish to purchase the medication, just contact Dr. Rick on:Ricksimpsoncancercure102@gmail.com for purchase of medication.
    what a wonderful living with Cannabis Oil.
    Shanty Locker

  17. Amanda Ross

    I am so grateful to Rick for providing me with Hemp oil here in the United State of America. I was diagnose with breast cancer 3 years ago, and ever since i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not helped me, but only damaged my immune system and render it weak and helpless. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Rick Simpson Hemp oil a lot and saw that he could provide me with Hemp Oil here in the State, i contact him on:ricksimpsonoilcancercure1@gmail.com for the procurement of this medication, to my surprise the medication was procured and delivered within 48 hours and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months. Am now here to testify that am no more a cancer patient, I have experience a total transformation in my health sector with Rick Simpson Hemp oil service. for all cancer patient that live in the America and Canada region, get your Hemp oil from ricksimpsonoilcancercure1@gmail.com

  18. felix Silvester

    A great testimony that i must share to all cancer patient in the world i never believed that their could be any complete cure for lung cancer or any cancer,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites of how Doctor Raymond cannabis oil brought them back to life again i had to try it too and you cant believe that in just few weeks i started using it all my pains stop gradually and i had to leave without drugs the doctor gave to,right now i can tell you that few months now i have nit had any pain and i have just went for text last week and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any cancer again,glory be to Jesus for leading me to this genuine Doctor called Raymond Wallace i am so happy as i am sharing this testimony,my advice to you that is thinking that their is no cure for cancer,just contact and get the oil treatment from Doctor Raymond try it and you will not regret it because it truly works and hear is his email(dr.raymondcannabisoil@hotmail.com)

  19. Martina Sidney

    I am here to share my experience with Dr Raymond Wallace cannabis oil to you all,i was diagnosed with breast Cancer for close to 2 years i have been in struggling to get a permanent cure but could not get any,i have use some one’s cannabis oil but it did not work.It was faithful day i was in the hospital to do my normal check up then on my way home i was on a discussion with a friend i met on the walk way she then ask me how was my family and what brought me to the hospital i then told her every thing with tears on my eyes and she was touched and she told me she could be of help to me that there is this Doctor that has a very good and active cannabis that has the power to cure every cancer,she then further told me that she had cancer on her leg some times ago that it was Dr Raymond cannabis oil that brought her back to life and she don’t feel any pain again,she gave me Dr Raymond Wallace contact email i contacted him and after some little stress i got the cannabis oil treatment delivered to me in my country USA in less than five days.To cut my story short i applied it as he explained and glory be to God today my breast cancer is completely healed by Dr Raymond cannabis oil and i am glad to let the whole world know this good man and contact him for help through his email(dr.raymondcannabisoil@hotmail.com)

  20. kiyana


    My husband have been suffering from thyroid cancer for the past two years and so lucky for us we were able to acquire hemp oil from cancer centre london via email londoncancercentre@gmail.com alongside directions on how to use the oil treatment,as i am writing this article now my husband is no longer a cancer patient and he is well and healthy.we are happy family again.i want people out there to know that with hemp oil cancer can be cured.

    kiyana Lauren

    1. Rich

      OMG this whole thread is INFECTED WITH SPAM!!!
      Someone needs to delete these spam scumbags.

  21. Tiffany

    Joining a support group may also enhance your probability
    of succeeding. Some individuals are finding herbs and essential oils may be used in addition to
    traditional medicines. Portable vaporizers are really
    discrete devices.

  22. Kim Pelka

    Four years ago I was diagnosed of diabetes, as if the pains of diabetes wasn’t bad enough Last year I was also diagnosed of cancer which was more critical in my case because of the diabetes which I already had. It was as if my world had come to an end cause the doctor told me that it was only by the grace of the almighty that I was alive to receive their diagnosis.

    As usual I was given few weeks to live but the pains I went through made each day feel like my last and I was so scared cause I wasn’t ready to leave this world yet, I had a lot of things that I wanted to do that I hadn’t done yet and I knew the almighty wouldn’t call on me before I started my mission on earth.

    My little niece told me about Rick Simpson cannabis oil when she came visiting, she told me she heard her friend’s mom talking about it and she persuaded me to look it up, I watched some of his videos and read some comments online and I was pleased with what I saw so I gave him a call (+447031996738)and sent him an email (ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenix@outlook.com ) We talked and I was convinced that he was my ticket to my new dawn.

    I purchased the oil and I have being following the prescription that I was given for the past two months and there has being rapid improvement in my health, I no longer feel pains and I wake up each morning feeling revived, energized and rejuvenated.

    Kim from LA

  23. Elizabeth Casson

    Wow am so grateful for the good Rick Simpson ( ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenix@outlook.com ) did for me and my family for curing my husband’s prostate cancer of 3 years.

    My name is Elizabeth Casson from north Carolina USA, June 2 2010 my husband was diagnosed of prostate cancer and he had done all sorts of treatments (chemo, radio and herbal) and his doctor still gave no hope for his condition, after his last chemo treatment on 09/28/2013 the doctor told him that he had 8 months to live. When I heard this I was disappointed, frustrated and full of pain that the one I love so much would leave me and my children all alone in this world.

    One faithful day my uncle called and told me about Rick Simpson cannabis oil and how it cured his 48 years old neighbor so I became very interested in this cure, my uncle and I decided to do some research about the Rick Simpson cannabis oil and I found it very interesting, so I decided to purchase the oil. I called my uncle and asked him for Rick’s direct contact, so I could discuss with him.

    I contacted Rick Simpson( ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenix@outlook.com ) he told me what to do to purchase the oil and how to use the oil I followed his instructions dutifully and now I can proudly say that my husband is cancer free, all thanks to Rick Simpson for restoring my lost hope.

  24. Tylor


    If you are a cancer patient, know that with hemp oil that cancer can be cured, my cancer have been cured with this hemp oil.
    The cancer centre london have made this hemp oil available to all cancer patients world wide to get this hemp oil in affordable price and in order stop chemo and radiation surgeries which causes damages to the body cells and to eradicate cancer disease.

    Contact cancer centre london via email: londoncancercentre@gmail.com to get your hemp oil for medication.

    Tylor Kennedy
    (Once cancer patient)
    Texas USA

  25. andrew pana

    My name is Andrew Pana of California. In May. of 2012 my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 38. The doctors could give her no hope. She did have chemo and radiation, the doctors thought that could prolong her life for a little while. In September of 2013 she done surgery, that’s when they found out that the cancer had spread to her lymp nodes in her left hip area and couldn’t get it all with the surgery. Now it looked like 2-4 months is all she would live. It was a very aggressive form of colorectal cancer.

    While searching through the internet, my wife and I found so many testimonies on Rick Simpson healing oil, The Rick Simpson hemp oil for “health” is medicine. So i ordered the miracle oil for my wife and she started taking the hemp oil medicine every day. “GOD’S NATURAL MEDICINE”.

    It was two years before the doctors finally gave me a good report concerning my wife’s condition. It was certainly not an overnight miracle. glory be Jesus and the great man Rick Simpson who God himself sent to help us in our lost time (health) Mr. Simpson, God will continue to be blessing you all the day of your life Sir!

    He revealed to me that all hope are not gone concerning my wife health So I, must keep my eyes focused on Him and His Medicine and not on the storm of cancer all around us (the doctors reports, test results, the pain, what other people said). He is so faithful to His Promises! There were so many different things that happened during this time and afterwards but this is the story in brief. I give Jesus my Lord all the glory and praise to Rick Simpson the founder of hemp oil for healing my wife’s stage 4 cancer.

    A special thanks to you Sir, brothers, sisters help me thank this man of truth and courage because he is my hero. You can reach him with this information ( ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenixtears@outlook.com or ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenix@outlook.com maybe call him at +447031996738 ) you brought my joy back to life not just only that you save my world with your miracle inspiration, you are inspired Sir. My wife is now cancer free because of you( AM GRATEFUL SIR.)

  26. Arnold Paul

    I am Arnold Paul, I was diagnosed with Lungs Cancer and was told by the Doctor that the cancer was in the last stage.

    My Doctor told me i have few months to leave, but he told me about the Hemp Oil and said it’s going to do a lot in saving my life from this terrible disease, He introduce me to Rick Simpson and said he would be able to get me the Hemp oil wherever I need it since he is the

    founder of hemp oil.

    I contacted him and explain it to his understanding and he delivered the oil to me in UK, after three Month of taking this Treatment there has been rapid improvement in my life, I am very overwhelmed and loss for words. I want to shout it out to world that am cured from cancer. I can’t believe I’m able to jump and move around again. Thank you lord for your natural marijuana hemp oil and Rick Simpson

    who you sent and healed me, am very grateful Sir, God will continue to bless you for your good work Sir. I’m so happy am still much alive and for those who are battling from cancer, I never thought i will see this day again don’t think life is

    gone because your doc said so, be strong, courageous and fight it. There is a cure. Rick Simpson email is ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenix@outlook.com or give him a call +447031996738

    Thank you Sir, I will always be grateful for your good work and services rendered..

  27. Sarah Hilton

    I’m Sarah Hilton and I am very grateful to Dr Henderson Cole. for providing his medication which saved my life and family.
    Rick Simpson, i appreciate all you did for me and my wife with your Hemp oil medical service.
    My wife had breast cancer which was already in the stage IV and the doctor said we needed a miracle for my wife to be cured of her cancer. But for grace over my family a miracle happened when we learnt about Rick Simpson cannabis Oil, My wife has been on the treatment for the past 3months and the result was tremendous as the Hemp Oil has Kill the Cancer and no more trace of Cancer and other chronic disease in her.
    God in his infinite mercy will continue to be gravious and Guide you Rick Simpson, we appreciate all what you did for me and the family.
    If you have any cancer problem, chronic diseases, diabetes or any related dangerous diseases, please contact Dr.: hendersonhealthcare@outlook.com


    Be sure that you problem is solved.

  28. Shawn John

    It is so true about Dr Morris Cannabis Oil’ I want to use this medium to applause Dr Morris for curing my Fiance cancer with his cannabis oil, my fiance has been suffering from colorectal cancer for the pass three years now, but ever since we started using the Dr Morris Cannabis oil for the past 3 months and instruction on how to use it, my fiance has fully recovered from her colorectal cancer. The Dr Morris cannabis oil has proven a great success on cure for cancer with his cannabis oil and I give him a lot of credits, because my fiance cancer was cured within 4 months of successful treatment, am getting married to my fiance as her colorectal cancer has been totally cured with Dr Morris cannabis oil which we purchase:healthcareservices24@gmail.com, It has been 4 months now of the successful cure of my fiance colorectal cancer and ever since my fiance stop treatment and her health has been perfect and marvelous. as I am writing this testimony to notify you that my fiance has been completely cured of her cancer. any one out there who need help, please feel free to get in touch with Rickat:healthcareservices24@gmail.com
    Shawn John.

  29. Rowel white

    My name is Mr Rose from united state thanks to Doctor Morris for bring back my lost life with the help of his high quality Cannabis Oil, i am so grateful to you Dr. Morris for all the love and concern that you showed me and above all, many thanks for curing my stage 4 cancer and I would keep on giving my testimonies about your Cannabis oil and how is cures cancer within 3 months with it high THC and CBD potency. it just like a Miracle that my life is back and I am free from Cancer. My the Lord be praised for leading me to you Doctor through my online research and i hope and know that you would keep on putting smiles on Peoples face all over the world.
    if you are in any kind of problem about your Health, please kindly contact Dr.Rick for his Medical Services to you on
    his email:Rickcancercure@gmail.com.

  30. Stella

    thanks doctor, i got your oil as you promised and i have been applying it on my son as you instructed. but one thing i noticed about the oil is that after each application my son feel calm and relaxed and lately he eat little grain of rice compared to then when he totally lost his appietite for food, i and my entire family are very grateful for all you have done so far for us in the pass three weeks since we came in contact with you’ for help and advice you can reach doctor Agbani on his email address: redifinedcannabisafricana@hotmail.com

  31. mikel smith

    I am so grateful to Rick for providing me with Hemp oil here is the United State of America. I was diagnose with brain cancer 3 years ago, and ever since then i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not help me, but only damaged my immune system and render it weak and helpless. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw that I could provide me with Hemp Oil here is the State, i contact him on: ricksimpsoncannabisoil@outlook.com for the procurement of this medication, to my surprise the medication was procured and delivered within 48 hours and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months. Am now here to testify that am no more a cancer patient, I have experience a total transformation in my health sector with Rick Simpson Hemp oil service. for all cancer patient that live in the America and Canada region, get your Hemp oil from ricksimpsoncannabisoil@outlook.com,

  32. peyton

    I am so grateful to Dr.Kish for providing me with Hemp oil here is the United State of America. I was diagnose with brain cancer 19 months ago, and ever since then i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not help me, but only damaged my immune system and render me weak and helpless. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw the Post that Dr. Kish could provide me with Hemp Oil here is the State, i contact him on: drkish02@gmail.com for the procurement of this medication, to my surprise the medication was procured and delivered within 48 hours and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months. Am now here to testify that am no longer a cancer patient, I have experience a total transformation in my life with Dr. Kish Hemp oil service. for all cancer patient that live in the America region, get your Hemp oil from Dr. Kish at: drkish02@gmail.com,

  33. TERRY

    My wife was suffering from breast cancer then a friend told me about the Rick Simpson hemp oil that can cure cancer, i told him that my wife’s breast cancer was in the last stage that i don’t think the hemp oil would cure it and he persuaded me to try it for the love of my wife, i decided to give it a try.
    I did some research and i found a doctor who helped someone with the cannabis oil to cure breast cancer and i contacted the doctor.
    I bought it and she used it,it worked exactly as the doctor prescribed it. Thanks to doctor philo.if you need this cannabis oil contact Dr philo via email stphilomedicalcentre@gmail.com

  34. Janice

    There is no doubt that this plant has so many uses it could save this planet. Can you tell me how I purchase the oil please

  35. Janice

    How do I purchase hemp oil

  36. Hope

    Okay everybody, OUT OF THE CLOSET! If you smoke it , eat it, use the oil, vaporize it or juice it, SPEAK UP! let it be known to one and all that this is a GREAT PLANT.

  37. joepat

    Never give up on treating your cancer for there is a cure and my wife was once a cancer patient, am Joe living in the us. Two years ago my wife suffered from kidney cancer and the doctor told us that nothing could be done, I was so frustrated and the thought of loosing my wife was so unbearable that I lost all hope.

    One faithful day my daughter told me that she had found a cure for cancer and she found it on the internet, she ask me to watch Rick Simpson’s video with her. Although i didn’t believe her I watched it anyway just to please her and after watching it I discovered that it brought my hope back and i wanted to give it a try.

    I and my daughter started searching for legitimate source that could provide the Rick Simpson’s hemp oil that would cure my wife. We read a lot of testimonies online of how a lot of doctors has helped a lot of patients cured their cancer with hemp oil and it was on one of this sites we found Dr. George, we contacted him Via his Email contacthospital_eastern.george@yahoo.com which we found in the testimony we read about him.

    Dr. George’s hemp oil is the best ever, I followed his instruction and now my wife is healthy and I am so excited.

    Thanks to Dr George for helping my wife cure her cancer with his hemp oil and for also making life worth living once again.

  38. Marijuana Vaporizer

    You know if all of these people shared their stories publicly–stating why they use cannabis–we could start to change the stigma associated with it’s use

  39. Bill Rosser

    Long live Tommy Chong

  40. Davidwcarson@hotmail.com

    The US government bought all current patents to canibis cures back in 2003. I’m sure they know how we’ll this stuff works and I’m sure they have received a lot of money to make sure people are never “allowed” to use it. The pharmaceutical companies would lose so much money if there was actually something out there that could actually CURE the disease instead of just masking the symptoms and keep you buying there pulls for years before you finally die.

  41. fumes

    Congrats Tommy! Bong Hits 4U. Ru using Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil?


  42. Anonymous

    Well dun tommy best of luck mate……..keep smokin …….

  43. iowa girl

    Watch the video “Run From the Cure” or check out the website phoenixtears.com. Hemp oil is the cure. God gave us all we need to heal ourselves, now if we can only see the light…
    To Tommy: Love ya man and so glad to hear you are cured. Peace and love to you always.
    To freedom and liberty!

    1. joltin joe

      It’s http://www.phoenixtears.ca not .com careful there are idiots out their with websites similar to Rick Simpson’s website that are trying to take advantage of people in desperate need of help. Rick DOES NOT sell or endorse anyone that says they are selling Rick Simpson Oil aka Phoenix tears! Make sure you check out his site and learn.

  44. DJJadeStone

    Awesome! Heh heh heh! I knew it! (lol) Well? Whats the recipe? 😉

  45. Mike

    I read this article and the first thing that came to my mind was “Chong has been using cannabis his entire career. If it’s such a miracle drug then he wouldn’t have prostate cancer in the first place!” It’s more than likely the diet and supplements that helped him, not the drug. Sorry dudes.

    1. 2bud

      He was using RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) to cure – smoking weed never cured anything. Phoenixtears.ca – Try to keep up here.

    2. moldy

      No Mike, he didn’t use weed all his life. He was in prison for almost a year where he had no access. Sure, this is another antidotal report of cannabis curing cancer. Just another one in a long line of reports. Hmmm, sounds better each time I hear one of these reports. “Sorry dude” but just smoking it won’t do much for a serious disease. Sure, it will help you sleep and help minor pain, etc. but you need something that’s 100X stronger… like hemp oil.

      1. Sylver

        While this is just one more antidotal report of cannabis as a wonder drug the reports and growing. I would recommend that you do a little research for yourself before condemning the report and dismissing its validity.
        The US government has had this information for MANY years, however as the government is firmly entrenched in the pockets of big business they don’t want you to know this fact. Seriously do you think the government wants to admit they were wrong. Not going to happen. And do you honestly believe the pharmaceutical companies that make billions from drugs not designed to cure but simply to relieve symptoms want their customers to vanish. Naive belief in propaganda coupled with simple misinformation has lead to this wonder cure being hidden. Fact is the plant is a blessing with SOOOO many uses and this planet and those who inhabit it would be much better off if the truth of the matter was widely known. Cancer, MS, diabetes, weight maintenance, migraine headaches. the list goes on and this is only a very small example. And before you condemn me as well as a “pothead” you should also know that the uses of hemp oil to treat these problems entails the daily taking of a very small amount of hemp oil with THC levels TOO LOW to produce the “stoner” affect. I encourage all to simply do the research and think about the information learned with an OPEN MIND. After all if it is proved that you were lied to all these years wouldnt you want to know about it??

    3. Anonymous

      Hi Mike,
      The reason that you can still develop cancer while Smoking cannabis is that it does not deliver the necessary amounts of THC to kill the cancer cells. You need to eat the extracted essential oil of the plant to treat cancer. Do the research for yourself it really does work….watch “Run from the cure” on Youtube for a start. Happy Smoking

    4. Anonymous

      it funny i just said the same thing he has smoked his whole life…..

    5. Timothy Snith

      Yo dude’ what if your wrong? Yeah mrbchong has been smoking most his life as did Bob marley but nether died of lung cancer but fact is method of delivery to the cancer cells is key’ I predict so brushing this off is shot sided I believe bone day if you came back and read what you wrote’ you go damnni was such a tooli

  46. TheWeedLover

    thats why i do marijuana daily 😛

  47. Gino

    Hi, Tommy.
    You believed and now you’re cured. I’m glad you and many others who were diagnosed
    are now cancer free. Your cancer issue went “up in smoke”.
    Live long and live well.Thank you for the update.

  48. Neal Feldman

    Congrats Tommy! May you live to 200+!

  49. Pam

    Helps w epilepsy too.

    1. Anonymous

      and non-epileptic seizures too. 😉

  50. Elizabeth Battye

    Dear Tommy Chung

    I am so happy you beat the cancer. I’m so glad you were active and aggressive in handling with the situation at hand.

    My stepdad’s psa is 6.5 and he won’t take care of himself so it pleases me to see someone that loves,themselves enough to take care of themselves.

    God Bless you everyday.

    A friend and fan


  51. Anonymous

    That is wonderful!

  52. Anonymous

    What diet was followed? How much hash oil was used?

  53. Tamia

    Hi Tommy WOW glad to hear of your great news! I know that cannabis has great healing properties….I have Lupus and the specialists gave me 6 years to live back in 2005, someone told me about medical marijuana and I began taking it has my medication through edibles and vaporizers. I walked away from all of their pharm meds and that has been 6 yrs ago, and I am in complete remission and have not been in the hospital as well. I believe in natural healing!

  54. Ben

    simpl astonishing! Cannabis Cures Cancer, spread tha word

  1. Why? Because of Cognitive Dissonance. | Truther Of The Times

    […] Lie: It causes cancer. Truth: In actual fact, cannabis does the complete opposite – it CURES cancer. Rick Simpson is living proof of this, as is Tommy Chong. […]

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