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TheJointBlog.com’s Weekly Cannabis Podcast – October 11th, 2015

Welcome to TheJointBlog.com’s Weekly Cannabis Podcast! Today’s episode features an interview with Karen Paull, who has directed, produced, written and starred in over 30 plays and musicals, and Wendy Robbins, co-inventor of The Tingler head massager who is also an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker. Together, the two run The Marijuana Show, the first-ever reality …

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TheJointBlog.com’s Election Podcast

Welcome to TheJointBlog.com’s 2014 election podcast, featuring an interview with Allen St. Pierre, the Executive Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)   November 2nd, 2014:

New Cannabis Price Index Allows Consumers to Compare Rates Online


In the midst of a quickly growing cannabis industry, two entrepreneurs have taken the business of cannabis to a new level; a stock-market style cannabis price index. Launched in February by creators Joseph Slotin and Matthew Hudson, the new online Cannabis Price Index is comprised of data, such as in-store listings, compiled from legal outlets; …

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Hemp Bill Passes Through WA Committee Unanimously


Washington State HB 1888 was passed through committee today with a unanimous 8-0 vote. The bipartisan measure, sponsored by 5 Republicans and a Democrat, would add legal safeguards to ensure hemp’s legality in Washington, including raising the 0.3% THC standard set by Initiative 502 to 1% THC, which is more closely aligned with what the …

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Maryland Lawmaker Introduces Measure to Legalize Marijuana


Maryland lawmakers will soon be discussing legislation introduced today by State Delegate Curt Anderson. The measure would legalize the possession and home-growing of a limited amount of cannabis, and would direct the state to license and regulate the substance for legal retail sales. The measure would allow for the purchase and possession of up to …

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Zero Tolerance THC Driving Policy Introduced in California


Ignoring science and any valid reasoning, proponents of per se DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) laws for marijuana – a primary goal of our Drug Czar – have taken their fight to California, on the crooked wings of State Senator Lou Correa. Senator Correa is a Democrat from Santa Ana, and this week …

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Bill to Clear Marijuana Misdemeanors in Washington Passes Committee


As expected, Washington State’s House Committee on Public Safety voted this morning to approve House Bill 1661, moving it towards a full House vote. The bill would allow those convicted of a cannabis possession misdemeanor – up to 40 grams for those 18 and older – to have it removed from their record. The committee …

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WA Legislation To Clear Cannabis Misdemeanors Expected To Pass Out Of Committee


This afternoon lawmakers from Washington State’s House Committee on Public Safety held a public hearing to discuss a handful of measures, including House Bill 1661, which would allow the hundreds of thousands of people who have been convicted of a cannabis possession misdemeanor in Washington State to have it removed from their record. The bill …

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Oregon College Offers New Course On Hemp


This month Oregon State University will begin registration for a new course offered this coming spring: WSE 266 – the study of hemp. The 3-credit course will examine the historical and political contexts of hemp, as well as growing, and industrial applications. “It’s an up and coming crop in the United States and we are …

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Legalization Bill To Be Filed In Maine


Tomorrow at noon, legalization advocates and state lawmakers will hold a press conference in Maine to introduce legislation that would legalize cannabis in the state. The measure, being referred to as “An Act to Tax and Regulate Marijuana”, would legalize cannabis for adults in a similar fashion to alcohol, and is planned to be based …

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Colorado Task Force Decides Cannabis Legal For All, Not Just Residents


Colorado’s cannabis task force – set up by Amendment 64 to recommend regulations to the legislature for legal cannabis sales – voted today to approve an amendment that would maintain the legality of out-of-state individuals using and purchasing cannabis. Opponents had hoped for the task force to vote in favor of requiring legal purchasers of …

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Four Cannabis Bills Pending in New Hampshire; Two Legalization, One Decrim, One Medical


On Thursday, New Hampshire’s House Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee heard roughly six hours of public testimony on three cannabis related bills that would either legalize, or decriminalize cannabis in the state. This comes just days after polling released from the University of New Hampshire found 56% of New Hampshire residents support legalizing cannabis …

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Majority of U.K. Residents Support Legalizing or Decriminalizing Cannabis


53% of residents in the U.K. support legalizing the production and supply of cannabis, or at the very least decriminalizing its possession. This is according to polling released today, conducted by Ipsos MORI, one of the nation’s top polling firms. The poll was ordered by the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, a registered charity that considers …

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Former U.S. Attorney, Appointed By Ronald Reagan, Fighting For Medical Marijuana In Arizona

Melvin McDonald.

In the fight to keep medical cannabis legal in Arizona, advocates were recently given a secret weapon. Melvin McDonald isn’t your stereotypical supporter of medical cannabis. Mormon by faith, a former judge, and a former U.S. Attorney appointed by Ronald Reagan, Melvin reaches a much-needed audience when he speaks out about the need to allow …

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Washington State Bill To Clear Cannabis Misdemeanors Gets Committee Hearing

Recently we reported on legislation that was filed in Washington State, which would allow adults with a cannabis possession misdemeanor to have it removed from their record. The measure, House Bill 1661, is sponsored by a bipartisan assortment of 21 state legislators. On Wednesday, February 20th, the community will have an opportunity to voice their …

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