Reminder: Mother’s Marijuana Use Appears to Drastically Reduce Infant Mortality


From Examiner.com.

In an eye-opening study examining thousands of infants, it was found that those which tested positive for cannabis had a huge decrease in their likelihood of early mortality.

In the study, babies which were drug-negative saw an average mortality rate of 15.7 deaths per 1,000 live births. For cocaine and opiate-positive babies, the numbers were slightly higher.

Those that tested positive for cannabis? The average death rate per 1,000 live births was 8.9 – a 44% decrease. This even included those who were cannabis positive, but also positive with cocaine or opiates.

Even more drastic, and further indicative that the results aren’t coincidental, was that of the babies who tested positive for only cannabis, and no other substance (335 babies total), not a single one died. Literally a 0% mortality rate.

Although this is just one study, the results are promising. We look forward to further research on the issue.

[Editor’s Note: The study can be found by clicking here.]

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  1. Joan Bello

    Nothing new about this – Dr. Melanie Dreher did studies in Jamaica many years ago that prognosticated better health and development for infants whose mothers used marijuana during pregnancy and during nursing – of course – the studies never became public knowledge since they demolished all the nonsense about marijuana that we have had to put up with for so many years. Marijuana balances the ANS – duh – it makes us breathe better, relax more and has all kinds of natural anti-biotic and neuro-protective qualities. We are a sick nation and if more people knew the truth we would be healthier – but not richer and not more apt to invade countries for their resources. The way of the world is what is making us so sick. The way of marijuana might help us get away from our self-centered destructive and mean behaviors – but oh yes -it is against the law!!

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