Maraschino Cherry Mogul Kills Self As Cops Discover Cannabis Grow

By Phillip Smith,

The ownerscene of historic maraschino cherry company in Brooklyn, New York, committed suicide at his plant Thursday morning moments after officers discovered a massive marijuana grow-up behind a false wall in the factory basement. Arthur Mondella, 48, becomes the 9th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

Dell’s Maraschino Cherries factory in Red Hook has been around since 1948 and was founded by Mondella’s grandfather. It is a major player in the industry, supplying cocktail cherries to clients including TGIF Fridays, Chick Filet, and Caesars. The plant has the capacity to process 400,000 pounds of cherries a week.

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Millenials: 63% of Republicans, 77% of Democrats Support Legalizing Cannabis, Finds Poll

New polling releasedsaginawgrossepointe by Pew Research has found strong nationwide support for legalizing cannabis, especially among millenials (those born between 1981 and 1996).

According to the poll, 63% of Republican millenials believe that cannabis should be made legal. Support is even higher among Democrats, at 77%.

Strong support was also found in both parties among those that fall into the “Gen X” category (born between 1965 and 1980). Although Republican support is below 50%, its not far off far off at 47%. For Democrats, support is at a sturdy 61%.

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Study: Cannabis May Treat and Prevent Itching

Activationitching of the body’s cannbinoid receptors – something done naturally by cannabis and cannabinoids – may be an effective treatment and prevention strategy for itching, according to a study published in this month’s issue of the journal Pharmacology, and published online by the National Institute of Health.

According to the study’s researchers; “We have previously reported that [a novel cannabinoid type 2 receptor (CB2) agonist] significantly suppressed compound 48/80-induced scratching behavior in mice in a dose-dependent manner when it was administered orally.”

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Cannabis Expungement Bill Filed in Missouri

Missouri State Senator Bob Dixon, a Republican from Springfield, has filed Senate Bill 451, a proposal to allow for the expungement of most cannabisbudcannabis convictions from all public records.

Senate Bill 451 was drafted by a Missouri Bar Association committee, and has the support of the Missouri Bar Board of Governors, the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

If approved into law, those with cannabis convictions – other than Class A felonies  – would be eligible to have the charges removed from their records. A provision in the bill specifically authorizes an individual who has his record expunge to deny that the charge ever occurred.

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WA Bill to End Dispensaries, Reduce Patients’ Rights, Scheduled for Public Hearing

A bill medcannabisto shut down every medical cannabis dispensaries in Washington State, and to significantly reduce patients’ rights, has been scheduled for a public hearing on March 5th in the House Health Care and Wellness Committee. The measure has already been approved by the state’s Senate.

Senate Bill 5052 would shut down every dispensary in the state, would establish a mandatory patient registry and would reduce the amount of cannabis a patient can possess (from 24 ounces to 3) and cultivate (from 15 plants to 6).

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D.C. Police Chief: All Cannabis Arrests Do Is Make People Hate Us, Alcohol is Much Bigger Problem


Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier is defending her district’s recent decision to legalize the possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis, saying that all cannabis arrests do is make people hate police, and that alcohol is a much bigger problem.

The comments were made by Chief Lanier at a recent meeting of the American News Women’s Club. Lanier says that D.C. police have “embraced” the district’s recent legalization of cannabis, and that last-minute attempts by Republican lawmakers in Congress to prevent the bill from being implemented is “No big deal”.

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Ben & Jerry’s Open to Selling Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

The founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream say they would be open to selling cannabis-infused ice cream once it’s legal.benjerrys

Co-founder Ben Cohen told the Huffington Post Live that the idea “makes sense to me,” when he was asked about a viewer comment suggesting the company make cannabis-infused ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s other co-founder, Jerry Greenfield, is also open to the idea, saying that he and Cohen “have had previous experiences with substances.”

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President Obama Backs Cannabis Decriminalization Efforts

By Eric Bradner, CNN, Published With Special Permission

Washington (CNN)obamaPresident Barack Obama said states could overhaul their laws to discourage marijuana the same way “we’ve been able to discourage a lot of other bad things that people do” — like using tobacco.

His comments to Kansas City-based KMBC during a series of interviews Thursday afternoon with local television stations, the same day that Washington implemented a new law decriminalizing the use of small amounts of marijuana over the objections of some congressional Republicans.

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Legal Cannabis Industry Employs 16,000 in Colorado, According to New Report

Colorado’s Marijuanacolo Enforcement Division has released its first annual report detailing the state’s legal cannabis industry.

According to the report, there was 74 tons of legal cannabis sold in Colorado in 2014. For those not wanting to do the math, that’s 148,000 pounds, or 4.1 million ounces. In addition, 4.8 million cannabis-infused edible products were sold. Although the majority of cannabis flower sold was to medical patients (55 of the 74 tons), a majority of edibles were sold to recreational consumers (2.8 million of the 4.8 million sold).

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Medical Cannabis Bill Approved by Idaho Senate Committee

Legislation cannaoilto allow for the use of cannabis oil for the treatment of epilepsy in Idaho has been approved for introduction by the Senate State Affairs Committee. The vote was unanimous.

The proposal, which is likely to receive a public hearing in the near future, is sponsored by Senator Curt McKenzie, who is the Chairman of the Senate State Affairs Committee.

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Missouri Bill to Free those Serving Life in Prison for Cannabis Takes Leap Forward

By Aaron Malin, Show-Me Cannabis

A bill show-me-cannabis-regulation-missouri-smcrthat would require the release of any offender serving life without parole for marijuana offenses has moved forward in the Missouri legislature. House Bill 978, introduced by Representative Shamed Dogan, was assigned this week to the House Corrections Committee, and a hearing was immediately scheduled for next Wednesday, March 4, at 8:00 a.m. in House Hearing Room 5. The bill would require the release of 61-year-old great-grandfather Jeff Mizanskey, who has been incarcerated for twenty-one years on a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

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Poll: Majority in Maryland Support Legalizing Cannabis, Believe it’s Safer than Sugar

New pollingmaryland conducted and released by Goucher College has found that a majority of those in Maryland support the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, and believe cannabis is less dangerous than sugar.

According to the poll; “Fifty-two percent of Marylanders support making the use of marijuana legal in Maryland; 44 percent oppose.

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