Pennsylvania Senate Committee Unanimously Passes Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Pennsylvania's flag.

Pennsylvania’s flag.

The Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee has given unanimous approval to Senate Bill 3, a proposal to legalize the medical use of cannabis. The measure now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee, where its passage will set it up for a full Senate vote.

The proposal, which is sponsored by a bipartisan coalition of 27 lawmakers, would allow those with a qualifying medical condition who receives a recommendation from a physician to legally possess, purchase and use medical cannabis medicines. Qualifying conditions would include cancer, seizure disorders, glaucoma, post traumatic stress disorder, multiple sclerosis and.several others.

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Over 160,000 Signatures Collected to Place Legalization Initiative on November Ballot in Ohio

In less ohiojointthan a month, advocates of an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis in Ohio have collected over 160,000 signatures to place the proposal on this November’s general election ballot. The group is required to collect 305,591 signatures from registered Ohio voters by July 1st, a goal they’re well on track to make.

“We have over 160,000 signatures”, says Ian James, a sokesperson for ResponsibleOhio, the group behind the initiative; “By the end of this week, we’ll have over 200,000.”

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Wyoming Activists File Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis, Aim for 2016 Ballot

Themedcanptsd Wyoming chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has filed an initiative to legalize medical cannabis with the Secretary of State.

Once advocates receive approval from the state, they’ll be given the go-ahead to begin collecting signatures for the initiative. If they collect 25,673 signatures from registered Wyoming voters by February 8th, 2016, the initiative will be placed on that year’s general election ballot in November.

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U.S. Supreme Court: Detaining Motorists on Highway to Await Drug Dog Search is Unconstitutional

Policecourt detaining motorists on the side of the highway to await search from a drug dog is unconstitutional as it violates the Fourth Amendment, according to a 6 to 3 ruling by the United States Supreme Court.

Prior to the ruling, it was commonplace for law enforcement across the country to detain drivers on the side of the highway to await a search by a drug dog. The cop would then use alerts from said dog to find “probable cause” to search the vehicle.

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DEA Administrator Chief Michele Leonhart Expected to Resign

By Drug Policy Alliance

Michele Leonhart (Photo: Reuters).

Michele Leonhart (Photo: Reuters).

Resignation Comes as DEA at Center of Series of Scandals in its Effort to Continue Failed War on Drugs

After Decades of Mass Incarceration, Racial Disparities, and Failed Drug Policies, DEA Finally Facing Scrutiny

New DPA Issue Brief Released Today: The Scandal-Ridden DEA: Everything You Need to Know

A senior White House official has said that the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Michele Leonhart, is expected to resign soon. The news comes as no surprise to drug policy reformers who say her opposition to reform made her out of step with the Obama Administration.

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Comprehensive Legalization Initiative Filed in California

Alegalize2016 broad coalition of California proponents have filed the open-source voter initiative, the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2016 (MCLR).

According to a press release; “MCLR was developed in 2014 as the first “open-source” method for advocates and experts everywhere to contribute directly to the language of California’s marijuana legalization law. In early 2015 the AFPR team and a group of activists, cannabis club operators, and attorneys began working on the 2016 language. To date the MCLR project has been the most inclusive approach ever created for marijuana legalization in California. The AFPR team will continue to take input from the community during the new public comment period and make any necessary amendments.”

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Average Price of Legal Cannabis Drops by Over Half in Washington State

Source: Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Source: Washington State Liquor Control Board (click to enlarge).

The price of legal recreational cannabis has dropped significantly in recent months in Washington, according to new data released by the state’s Liquor Control Board.

According to the Board, the average price of recreational cannabis throughout the state is $12 a gram. When sales began in July, average prices were near $30 a gram.

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Happy 4/20!

We420day at TheJointBlog would like to tell all of our readers – and anyone else who may have stumbled upon this article – Happy 4/20!

This 4/20, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind:


Huge advancements in the cause to end cannabis prohibition have been made since the last 4/20. These advancements not only include two states – Alaska and Oregon – legalizing recreational cannabis through voter-approved initiatives, it also includes the nation’s capital legalizing cannabis, and several states legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.

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Sign Bill Maher’s Petition to Congress to Recognize 4/20 as a National Holiday

Comedian420 Bill Maher on the April 17th episode of his HBO show Real Time with (who else but) Bill Maher called on the government to recognize 4/20 as an official holiday.

Maher has setup a petition on, titled Make 4/20 a National Holiday, which has over 11,000 signatures in just two days.

Every signature sends the following letter to every member of U.S. Congress:

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Pressure on Governor Inslee Last Hope for Medical Cannabis in Washington State

Senate Bill 5052 is now on Governor Jay Inslee's desk.

Senate Bill 5052 is now on Governor Jay Inslee’s desk.

In Washington, lawmakers recently approved a bill that would do harm to, and greatly inconvenience thousands of people with debilitating conditions across the state. Senate Bill 5052, which now sits on Governor Jay Inslee’s desk after passing the state’s House and Senate, would shut down every medical cannabis dispensary in the state, reduce the amount of cannabis a patient can possess by over 80%, and would establish a patient registry that many activists and attorneys say is in clear violation of federal HIPAA laws.

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Cannabis May Improve Outcome of Spinal Cord Injury, Finds Study

Activatiospinaln of the body’s cannabinoid receptors – something done naturally by cannabis – can improve the outcome of spinal cord injury, according to a study published in the most recent issue (Volume 595, May, 2015) of the journal Neuroscience Letters.

For the study, researchers “examined whether treatment with.. a selective synthetic cannabinoid receptor (CB1R) agonist, inhibits MMP [matrix metalloproteinase] and improves functional and histological recovery in a mouse spinal cord compression injury model.” According to the study, MPP iactivity “contributes to glial scar formation that inhibits the repair path after spinal cord injury (SCI)”.

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New Study: Cannabis May Treat Autoimmune Diseases, Prevent Graft Rejection

A newflower study being published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology, and e-published ahead of print by the National Institute of Health, has found that cannabis may have immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help treat a variety of conditions such as autoimmune diseases and graft rejection.

According to researchers; “This review examines the effects of cannabinoids on immune function, with a focus on effects on T-cells, as well as on resistance to infection. The paper considers the immune modulating capacity of marijuana, of ∆9-THC extracted from the marijuana plant, and synthetic cannabinoids.”

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