New Study: Cannabis May Prevent Organ Transplants From Being Rejected

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology has found that delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – one of the prime compounds in cannabis – can potentially stop organ transplant rejections from tcannabisisnotpotaking place.

The study, which found that the higher the dose of THC, the higher the chance of protecting against rejection, also found synthetic cannabinoids to share a similar protective ability.

This data supports the potential of this class of compounds [cannabinoids] to be used as therapies to prolong graft survival in transplant patients, the study concludes.

According to researchers – although this study is one of the most detailed of its type – these findings aren’t particularly new; Cannabinoids were reported to have effects on immune responses as early as the 1970s, states the study.

The study was conducted by researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia.



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  1. Judy

    I just need to know if my husband can take the hemp oil for pancreatic cancer. He also is on Prograf an anti-rejection drug for a kidney transplant he had in 2005. I wonder if the Prograf cause the cancer. I saw a program on TV about hemp oil and how it cures cancer and saw a video on You Tube. Can he take the hemp oil along with chemo, Gemzar and Abraxane? Will he have kidney rejection with it? You only take very small amounts the first 4 days, like 1/2 of a grain of rice a few times a day, then once a day. His cancer has metastasized. If anyone can give me any answers I would appreciate it. I know that the oncologist will say not to use it.

    1. Kim

      Go on Facebook and search for Cannabis Oil Success Stories and send an add request. Some of the people on that page may be able to direct you to some resources.

    2. Leon ordorica

      United Patients Group is the place to contact !

  2. vesna

    my housband is liver transpate patient going on 2 years now, he take imunosupressent Neoral, and he has metastases now. We are very interested to hear from anyone that is a transplant patient using hemp oil and what they have done about prescribed immune suppresant drugs.
    Thanks a lot

  3. Victoria

    Hi all, wondering if you can help me. My mom had a heart transplant 18years ago. the medicine she takes causes cancer but she cant stop taking it otherwise her body will reject the heart. But the cancer is taking over now, from skin cancer its now gotten into her lymph glands. im afraid and i dont want to lose her. im looking at every option i can. I want to look at making the oil myself as i saw numerous sites saying it cures cancer, but then i grew worried about the effects of this in her case specifically as a transplant patient. any advice? where do i start? what do i do?

  4. John D

    I am a heart transplant patient going on 3 years now. The drugs I take are Immune supressent and one of them was quite harsh causing skin sun spots to go out of control on my forehead and hair line. Started using Cannabis cream and sores are almost non existant after 6 months of uses every morning. When it started going out of control the Dermatologist froze them ant it left red scares. The cream is also helping those red spots heal and disapear. I am ready to start on Simpson oil in a couple of weeks and would like to hear from anyone that is a transplant patient using hemp oil and what they have done about prescribed immune suppresant drugs. Thanks in advance,

    1. Josh Morellato

      Dido…thanks for the post John D

  5. JeffyD

    I am about to be on the waiting list for a liver transplant, if all goes well. i could never get a straight answer from docs on the benefits of even EATING cannabis for my auto immune-caused liver disease. I also have ulcerative colitis and I’m positive I’ve stayed free of colon cancer thanks to my cannabis use, but no Dr willever admit it. I’m scolded and told to quit using marijuana our I won’t get a transplan.t. Im treated like a drug addict by my GI and my questions are brushed off as druggie talk…… I’m honestly afraid the disease will get Worse, being AI, and i could start to develop Colo rectal cancer… Its frightening and I feel i have no control over my health…

  6. Dr. Tran

    I wouldn’t tell your doctors, might result in loss of gun privileges lol.

  7. heart transplant

    I have to agree, it works for me, had my transplant 32 years ago. Never did tell my docs I use it, maybe I should, might help the whole legalization process move along more quickly.

    1. Josh Morellato

      Hey bro thanks for your post, my wife has had her heart transplant for 5 years. Have you just been smoking it? Did you replace your rejection drugs?

  8. Pattie

    YES… Cannabis oil DOES cure bladder cancer.
    My husband is living proof. So are numerous other people I know of.

    One chemo treatment (mytomycin) for him DESTROYED his bladder.

    Tumors will disappear within 2 weeks of starting the oil.

    Simply smoking it will not cure the cancer, you must extract and ingest the oil.
    very simple to extract and make the oil at home.

  9. Anonymous

    I talked to my doctor today about b.c.treatment with cannabis and she says that it does not work for this disease.Who is agree with my doctor?Does chemo work better?Is there someone to explain this to me?

    1. George

      Chemo kills 7 out of 10 people

      Look at these:


  10. SamFox

    Wow! This is great news! Glad some of the posters are doing well after their transplants. If we don’t have control freak “we gota get a patent on this! ‘$$ grubbers involved, progress will come far more quickly.

    I think that making the synthetic version is not necessary as cannabis fairly easy to grow. Plus synthetic products rarely work nearly as well as what Nature’s God has put in the world all around us. Great as science may or may not be, they cannot replicate the life & health supporting substances found in nature.

    Synthetic products can stimulate, but it takes more than stimulation to keep us alive.

    Do some research on the difference between natural and synthetic products, like vitamin & mineral supplements. Chemists can pretty much replicate the molecular/chemical structure of many things, but the diff between natural is not just molecular, it’s the biological diff that’s critical to sustaining life.

    Look that stuff up. Very revealing & educational.


  11. April

    I am in need of a liver transplant and was told by OHSU in Oregon . That I would have to go through Drug treatment before they would even see me. I have a medical card for my condition. Because I ingest THC drug treatment doesn’t make sense to me.

  12. Anonymous

    I had stage 4 cancer….. I know I’m still here …. thanks for the bud

  13. no9to5r

    Need advice: I have a 75 y/o female patient with metastatic ER positive breast cancer to bone who has declined further chemotherapy. What would your readers suggest as proper dose of hemp flowers to be eaten or vaporized to possibly help her cancer?

    1. Anonymous

      try simpson oil

  14. dare2baware

    I do believe that Cannabis shoulddefo be allowed fr medicinal purpose. My dog is Epileptic and the usual drugs don’t work. As a last resort I will give him Cannabidiol.

  15. E2685

    kidney transplant in 85, always had the bud, its the secret weapon…….and my Dr knows it.

  16. TWINCAM88

    I had a heart transplant in 1989. I have never stopped using the sweet leaf. Still going strong after 25 years, no rejection. if you ask it works for sure.

    1. leghead

      That’s awesome TWINCAM88! Glad to hear your doing well!
      I had a heart transplant in 07 been using natures best plant all along and it definitely helps. No rejection and less side effects from the immunosupressent medications. If I could grow my own without getting thrown in jail and get my doctor to go along with it, I would try eating enough raw and juice to get off those harsh medications. Any suggestions?

  17. Tobby L. Moberly

    The GOVERNMENT has known this for years and it takes GREAT PRIDE in hiding ALL they can so cannabis can be shown As a drug? PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES has multi-billion dollar SCAMS to keep the government QUIET, The pharmaceutical companies {pad the low-life governments pockets. So as a WHOLE UNION ALL OF THE CANNABIS NATION SHOULD RISE AS ONE, And take our rights back and be more VERBAL about WHAT CANNABIS REALLY DOES FOR [ ALL ] OF US including MYSELF!! And how much SAFER cannabis is than the {legal drug dealers in government based Pharmaceutical companies, AND BE WHAT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS STANDS FOR and That My friends Is Called FREEDOM. And America is letting it slip away right before our eyes, SO Stand Up For What We Believe In And BE WHO WE ARE AMERICANS!!!

  18. kb

    They always have to try and make things synthetic. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SMOKE CANNABIS! I guess money is all that matters. SMH.

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