DEA Set to Lose Over $150 Million in Funding

Thanks to the incoming government sequester, automatic budget cuts are put in place today, March 1st. As part of these budget cuts, the Drug Enforcement Administration is set to lose $166 million in funding.budget-cut-photo

This cut will drop the overall funding of the DEA to a level it hasn’t been at since the 2002-2003 budgetary calendar.

In addition, numerous other government agencies that perpetuate the drug war will be getting a cut. Here’s a breakdown of where the funding will be trimmed.

  • The Department of Defense’s Drug Interdiction and Counter-Drug Activities budget of $1.6 billion will be reduced by $157 million
  • The Department of Justice Interagency Crime and Drug Enforcement budget of $528 million will be reduced by $43 million.
  • The DEA Diversion Control Fee Account budget of $335 million will be reduced by $25 million.
  • The Office of National Drug Control Policy budget of $25 million will be reduced by $2 million.
  • The High-intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program budget of $239 million will be reduced by $20 million.
  • “Other Federal Drug Control Programs,” with a total budget of $100 million, will undergo $8 million in cuts.

Although we have little doubt that they’ll try, these cuts will make it even more difficult for the DEA and the White House to continue its war on cannabis consumers.

– TheJointBlog


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  1. stanman

    I smoked pot on and off for 45 years, with never an ill effect. Now I’m facing 15 years for marijuana possession with intent to distribute. I have degenerative bone disease in my lower back. Feels like electricity hitting me in my back. I have a choice of marijuana or oxycodone. Marijuana works great, oxycodone makes me puke. I grew my own for my own use. Another life ruined by prohibition. If I get the minimum, 5 years, I’ll be 64 when I get out

  2. David James

    If we were to base our policies on harm caused, not only would cannabis be totally legalized, but the administrators of the DEA would be facing criminal charges.

  3. moldy

    I don’t see the good news here. They’ll just rip off more suppliers and retailers of MMJ to make up the short fall. Wanna bet?

  4. Doug Mathews

    The sad thing about all of the cuts is that when these agencies bust citizens for any kind of drug related crime, they will simply increase the fines and penalties to continue buttering their pockets!

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