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NCAA Votes to Alter Cannabis Policy, Cutting Penalty in Half

The NCAA’s (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Legislative Council has voted to alter the league’s substance abuse policy so that cannabis is no longer considered a performance enhancing drug. The change will cut the penalty for a player testing positive for cannabis in half. Under current NCAA rules, a player caught with cannabis in their system can …

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Signature Collection Begins Tomorrow on Oregon Initiative to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

New Approach Oregon will begin collecting signatures tomorrow on an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis. The group will have until July 3rd to collect 87,213 signatures to put the proposal to a vote this November. Under the proposed law, the possession of up to 8 ounces of cannabis and the cultivation of up to 4 cannabis …

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Alabama Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has signed Senate Bill 174, a medical cannabis proposal which was passed unanimously by the state’s House and Senate. Under the new law, the University of Alabama’s Department of Neurology will be authorized to prescribe, produce and distribute low-THC cannabis extracts (such as cannabis oil and tincture) to those with seizure disorders.

Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis Filed in Oklahoma

The nonprofit organization Oklahomans for Health has submitted an initiative to Oklahoma’s Secretary of State which would legalize cannabis for medical purposes for those with a qualifying condition such as  cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis. If the initiative is approved by the Secretary of State, and enough signatures are collected from registered Oklahoma voters, it will …

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Hawaii Legislature Overwhelmingly Passes Hemp Bill

Hawaii’s full Legislature has overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 2175, a proposal to establish a two-year hemp research program. The measure now heads to the governor for consideration. If signed into law by the governor, or allowed to become law without his signature, Senate Bill 2175 would “authorize the dean of the college of tropical agriculture and human resources …

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Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill Signed Into Law by Maryland Governor

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has signed a proposal into law which explicitly legalizes medical cannabis; the measure, House Bill 1321, will take effect on July 1st. Under the new law, the possession and use of medical cannabis will be legal those with a qualifying condition such as cancer or chronic pain who receive a recommendation from …

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Maryland Governor Signs Measure Decriminalizing Cannabis

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has signed Senate Bill 364. The measure decriminalizes the possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis. Under the new law, someone caught possessing 10 grams of cannabis or less will be given, at most, a simple $100 ticket for their first offense. For someone’s second offenses, they can be given a …

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Kentucky Governor Signs Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has signed Senate Bill 124 into law, legalizing cannabidiol (a non-psychoactive cannabis compound) for medical purposes. Under the new law, which was approved unanimously by the Kentuck’ys House and Senate, universities in the state with a school of medicine will be authorized to produce and distribute the cannabis extract cannabidiol to qualified …

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