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Had Enough Drug War Yet? Man Suing Baltimore Police for Sodomizing Him on a Public Sidewalk

By Mike Sawyer, Baltimore, MD — Jermaine Lyons was riding his bike on May 3, 2013 on his way to the park when he was stopped at a store in the 200 block of North Highland Avenue. According to the lawsuit, police asked Lyons if he had any drugs on him, to which he …

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A Look at the Top Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

By John Vapor There’s a world today that’s changing everything – the marijuana industry! As many people are starting to get involved in the medical aspects of cannabis, cannabis products have grown in popularity. Vaporizers are among the fastest growing cannabis product, as many people use them for the medical benefits brought forth by the …

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Jury Nullification: Learn About It, Spread the Word

Jury nullification is one of the most effective weapons activists have in their civil-rights arsenal when combating bad, unjust laws. Despite this, far too few people know about and understand what jury nullification is, or that it even exists. Jury nullification is the act of a jury acquitting someone of a charge by finding them …

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An Updated Look at Medical Cannabis in the United States

By Allen St. Pierre, NORML. WASHINGTON, DC — Currently in the United States, 35 states have reformed their laws via legislation or binding voter approved ballot initiative to allow qualified patients medical access to cannabis products. This time last year, 21 states and the District of Columbia had medical cannabis laws on the books–a sixty …

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DEA Settles Suit Alleging Lie-Detector Abuses

By Marisa Taylor, McClatchy DC The Drug Enforcement Administration has agreed to pay 14 contractors $500,000 to settle a lawsuit that accuses the agency of illegally requiring them to undergo highly intrusive lie detector tests to keep their jobs as translators. The settlement appears to be the first time that a federal government agency has …

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Recipe for Cannabis Coffee

By THCFinder.Com I was sent this amazing recipe for cannabis infused coffee and had to share. Over the summer, I shared a recipe for a cannabis infused coffee shake but this is just the real deal. Caffeine and cannabis, in the same cup. So for those of you on the go, you’ll be able to stay …

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Where You Can Legally Purchase Recreational Cannabis In Colorado On January 1st

By Johnny Green, As of January 1st, recreational marijuana purchases and sales will be legal in the State of Colorado. For the first time in American history anyone from anywhere can come to Colorado and purchase marijuana. It’s something that I have hoped for since I started smoking marijuana twenty years ago. If you …

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Top Ten Cannabis Studies of 2013

2013 has been an incredible year for cannabis-related science, with dozens of peer-reviewed studies being released examining the benefits of cannabis ranging from weight-loss, to cancer-killing capabilities. Here we breakdown the ten most important (and groundbreaking) studies released this year. 

10 More Things You Might Not Know About Cannabis

In February we published an article titled 12 Things You Might Not Know About Cannabis. Here, we present the 2nd part to this article.   Cannabinoids derived from hemp can expand the life of dogs and cats. Recently a product labelled under the name Canna-Pets hit store shelves across the U.S. as a legal, over-the-counter …

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How To Control Bacteria And Fungus On Your Marijuana Plants


By Robert Bergman, ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com Ampelomyces Quisqualis These are naturally occurring hyperparasites of powdery mildew. They form colonies on the infection, reducing growth and may eventually kill powdery mildew on cannabis leaves. Rain perpetuates the life cycle of this beneficial fungus. A formulated powder is available under the brand name AQ-10. Bacillus Pumilus Bacillus Pumilus is a …

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