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  1. Brantley Bourne

    I am the newest director of Richmond NORML in Virginia.
    We just protested at the Virginia Nurses Association’s Legislative Roundtable and had a lot of positive response. We had a chance to talk to some state representatives and we made it a topic of discussion at the Roundtable . The Virginia Nurses Association has supported medical marijuana since 1994. We would like you’re help in advertising Richmond NORML.



  2. Brian Rudderow

    Hi, can you contact me about advertising on your blog I’m interested in the 235 x 75 banner ad.

  3. Eileen

    Aloha! I wanted to offer free licensing to have my 420 song , lyrics by moi,music by cannabisOMellow, and published by my Shaloha Music Publishing-SESAC, for a soundtrack on your site. Happy liberation Day! Please contact me to sign agreement to use my track and what email to send it to you.

  4. Dave Wisniewski

    The marijuana legalization movment in Arizona known as Safer Arizona is having a marijuana prohibition protest at the Phoenix Arizona Capital Building Monday January 13th from 9AM to 11AM. Please show some support and help us end marijuana prohibition in 2014. Thank you.
    Dave Wisniewski
    Safer Arizona Online Coordinator.

  5. Dave Wisniewski

    Democratic Introduces Legalization Bill in Arizona

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