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Grand Rapids, Michigan Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect Tomorrow


A voter-approved city ordinance to decriminalize marijuana possession will take effect tomorrow, May 1st, in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The ordinance alters current law, making it so that a person caught in possession of marijuana will be given a civil infraction, rather than a misdemeanor which carries the possibility of jail time. The …

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Missouri Hemp Group Announces “Rehempification of America”


As Missouri lawmakers continue to discuss legislation which would legalize hemp in the state, activists are upping their efforts to spread the word, and get the measure passed. The Missouri Hemp Network, a recently launched non-profit group that promotes hemp legalization, has started a campaign to promote the “Rehempification of America”. “Industrial Hemp has only …

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Colorado House Approves Recreational Marijuana Taxes

According to the Associated Press, Colorado’s full House of Representatives just voted, 37-27, to approve a pair of taxes that would be added to recreational marijuana sales. The tax rates, which have been a heated subject in recent days, would include a 15 percent excise tax that would be used to fund school construction. In …

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D.C Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open Blocks From White House, With View of U.S. Capitol Building


The conflict between local jurisdictions and federal law in regards to medical marijuana is about to get a whole lot more interesting, as multiple medical marijuana dispensaries are gearing up to open within the District of Colombia. The opening of these dispensaries is due to voters approving medical marijuana in 1998. However, a legal block …

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Cities Across the Netherlands Seek to Cultivate Cannabis Legally


Marijuana sales are allowed in the Netherlands, but those merchants who provide it, such as local coffee shops, face a serious supply problem – it is still illegal to cultivate cannabis in the country. This major loophole leaves those attempting to operate legitimately still stuck relying on the black market. Now, multiple cities across the …

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Press Conference Being Held Tomorrow by Idaho Activists Who Had Children Taken


Tomorrow, on the capitol steps in Idaho, Sarah Caldwell and Lindsey and Josh Rinehart will be hosting a press conference to address the removal of their kids over the use of medical marijuana. The press conference will be used as a vehicle to spread the word on the injustice of the situation. The three individuals …

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Indonesia Minister and Presidential Candidate Backs Cannabis as Medicine

Indonesian Minister Dahlan Iskan.

In Indonesia, marijuana laws are some of the strictest in the world, with distribution being punishable by death (by firing squad). Despite this, and despite the nation’s sometimes regressive nature when it comes to social and political movements such as marijuana legalization, State Enterprises Minister and presidential candidate Dahlan Iskan has come out in support …

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Police Forced to Return Over 60 Pounds of Marijuana to California Dispensaries

One of many boxes of marijuana and marijuana-infused products that police were forced to return to two California dispensaries.

Police in Vallejo, California have returned over $200,000 worth of marijuana, including 60 pounds of dried bud, and boxes full of marijuana-infused food products, to two dispensaries in the city after a judge ruled that they were illegally raided. The police also returned hundreds of now-dead plants: Scott Candrell, an attorney for one of the …

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Seattle Hempfest Gears Up For Its 22nd Festival


Seattle Hempfest, for over two decades, has been a beacon of free speech and marijuana activism. Starting as a small get-together in a moderately-sized, quiet Seattle park, and growing into a bustling, at times shoulder-to-shoulder event that garners hundreds of thousands of visitors, Seattle Hempfest has grown to be one of, if not the absolute …

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Arizona House and Senate Approve Measure Allowing Marijuana Research on College Campuses, Heads to Governor

Recently Arizona’s House of Representatives voted 37-19 to approve a measure, which was already approved by the Senate, to allow marijuana research to occur on college campuses. The bill would achieve this by removing a ban that was placed in a piece of 2012 legislation which banned all marijuana from college campuses, even if the …

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Initiative Drive Underway in Nebraska to Legalize Medical Marijuana


The Nebraska chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) recently began a signature drive to put the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes to a vote of the people in the state. Advocates have the daunting task of collecting roughly 125,000 valid signatures by May 20th. Although this will certainly …

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The 10 Biggest Signs That Times Are Changing, and Legalization is Inevitable


If you haven’t noticed, marijuana legalization is a mainstream issue, and the majority of Americans believe it’s the right path forward. After decades of absurd propaganda, draconian laws, and a public that believes marijuana to be the devil’s weed, it’s increasingly refreshing to see the winds of change take place. In many parts of the country …

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Absurd Logic Rules the Day as Florida Legislature Votes to Ban Marijuana Pipes

Today Florida’s full Senate voted 31-2 in favor of a measure to explicitly ban the sell of marijuana pipes, such as bongs, within state border. The measure, which was recently passed by the state’s House with an 112-3 vote, would make it a misdemeanor offense for any one, or any store caught selling marijuana paraphernalia …

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Psychedelic Drug Use At Highest Rate Ever in U.S.


Neuroscientists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have conducted research, published last month in the magazine F1000Research, which indicates that psychedelic drug use – such as LSD and magic mushrooms – are at a higher rate in the U.S. than they’ve ever been, including during their prior prime, in the 1960s. The data …

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Judge Orders Police to Return Marijuana to Caregiver, or Face Contempt Order


Last month we reported on a man in Tacoma Washington who had his marijuana confiscated after being pulled over for speeding – a municipal court judge, Jack Emery, subsequently ordered the Tacoma Police Department to give the man his marijuana back, given that he was caregiver for a qualified patient, giving him a legal defense …

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