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Florida Man Growing Marijuana for Sick Wife Denies State’s Plea Bargain

Cathy Jordan and Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan grows marijuana in Florida, and he does so for his wife, Cathy Jordan, who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Because of marijuana, Cathy has lived over 20 years past her doctor’s original prediction: The average lifespan of those who have the disease is 3-5 years. Marijuana, according to her husband, helps Cathy combat …

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Marijuana Tourism Company Launches in Colorado


It didn’t take long for Colorado’s first marijuana tourism company to form, and dozens are preparing for the first tours to begin around 4/20. The tours will take place during what is being referred to as World Cannabis Week, and will consist of numerous marijuana-friendly concerts, events, etc.. According to the group’s introduction:

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Workers Unionize in Maine


Employees at Wellness Connection, by far the largest medical marijuana dispensary group in Maine, have officially unionized to combat what they consider bad management. The newly unionized group consists of over 40 people. This news comes just days after the dispensary was cited for violating more than 20 state regulations, one being that they used …

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Massachusetts Patients to Have Safe Access By Year’s End


By the end of the year medical cannabis patients in Massachusetts should have the ability to go to a dispensary, and purchase their medicine through a safe, secure and regulated location. This is according to draft regulations released today by the state’s Department of Public Health, the department responsible for licensing and regulating the industry. …

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Reminder: Juries Can Nullify Charges they Find Unjust


Although its usage is increasing in the American legal system, far too few people know about, and understand one of the biggest weapons we have in our civil-rights arsenal; jury nullification. Jury nullification is a practice that dates back to before our nation was formed, and is the act of a jury acquitting someone of …

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Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect in Rhode Island on April 1st


In 2012 Rhode Island’s House and Senate, followed by the state’s governor, approved legislation that decriminalizes small amounts of marijuana. On Monday, April 1st, that law officially takes effect. Under the proposal, possession of up to one ounce of marijuana will no longer be an arrestable misdemeanor offense that carries with it up to a …

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New WA Legislation Would Put Medical Marijuana Industry in the Hands of Liquor Control Board

New legislation was filed today in Washington which would give Washington State’s Liquor Control Board the authority to regulate and license the medical marijuana industry. The measure, Senate Bill 5887, was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom, and is co-sponsored by two other Republican Senators. If made law, SB 5887 would establish medical marijuana …

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Idaho Lawmaker: Medical Marijuana a “Farcical Predatory Scheme”


Try telling that to the faces of the millions in our country who benefit from medical marijuana, “Representative” Luke Malek. The statement was made by the Republican state representative while arguing in favor of an anti-marijuana resolution that passed Idaho’s House of Representatives today by a vote of 63-7. The resolution isn’t legally binding, and …

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Sustainability Is In the Eye of the Beholder


By Jeremy Moberg, Washington State wildlife biologist, President of the Okanogan Cannabis Association The recent announcement from Marcus Charles is to open an industrial indoor cannabis operation in the economically depressed Raymond area of Washington. In fact Marcus is practicing a long standing form of environmental classism where industries focus polluting practices in impoverished economies.  …

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Bipartisan Legalization Measure Filed in Maine


A legalization measure has been filed today in Maine which would legalize the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis, as well as the private cultivation of up to 6 plants. In addition, it would direct the state to license and regulate cannabis retail outlets which would sell cannabis to adults in the state. …

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“Marijuana is Safer” Billboard Goes Up in Portland, Oregon


The Marijuana Policy Project has introduced a new billboard they’ve posted in Portland, Oregon, and will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 10:30am to make an official announcement. The billboard points out that marijuana is a safer substance than either beer or wine, linking onlookers to the site, which redirects to a factsheet …

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U.S. Supreme Court Says Drug Dogs Can’t Sniff Outside of Homes Without A Warrant


In a tight, 5-4 decision, the U.S Supreme Court yesterday issued a ruling on the case Florida v. Jardines, which sets precedent across the country indicating that it’s illegal for cops or any others to use drug dogs to search the perimeter of someone’s house in an attempt to find illegal drugs. In order for …

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Legalizing Marijuana: An Infograph


By Adrienne Erin, a pro-legalization designer from Pennsylvania: You can follow Adrienne on Twitter under the handle @adrienneerin.

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Kentucky House Passes Measure Legalizing Industrial Hemp


After weeks of back-and-forth, with the bill being considered dead, then alive, then dead, and back alive again, Kentucky’s House of Representatives has officially approved Senate Bill 50, to legalize industrial hemp in the state. The vote showed overwhelming support for the measure, with the final tally being 88 to 4. Earlier this month the …

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New York Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced


Today, New York State Senator Diane Savino introduced a bill, Senate Bill 4406, that would finally bring the legalization of medical marijuana to New York state. Assemblyman Richard Gottfried introduced a companion companion measure, Assembly Bill 6357. The measures, titled the Compassionate Care Act, would authorize doctors to give recommendations to qualified patients. Qualified patients, and/or …

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