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Alabama Medical Marijuana Exemption Bill Introduced, Assigned Committee

Recently we reported that 5 cannabis reform measures were in the works in Alabama thanks to Alabama State Rep. Patricia Todd and the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition (AMMC). One of these measures, Alabama’s Medical Exemption Act, has been introduced in the House – now officially House Bill 315 – and has been assigned to House …

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Veterinarian Administers Medical Marijuana to Dogs, Says it Works Wonders

Dr Kramer CC cropA

Veterinarian Doug Kramer considers his work to be “enlightened”, even naming his clinic the Enlightened Veterinary Therapeutics. When hearing about his out-of-the-box methodology, it’s hard to argue. Dr. Kramer administers medical marijuana to dogs, especially those with late-stage cancer. He does so in his clinic, and is undeniably vocal about it. He’s not hiding what …

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10 Reasons to End the Insanity and Legalize Marijuana


  Cannabis prohibition has led to a brutal black market. Sometimes this market benefits an average Joe just looking to get by, and to us that’s fine, but behind the curtains it vastly benefits criminal organizations, handing them a method of financial empowerment. This fuels violent crime throughout the country, and world. Many of the …

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Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote Unanimously to Decrease Marijuana Possession Penalties


In a state where hash can get you life in prison, movement is being made to decrease the punishment associated with simple cannabis possession. Under current Oklahoma law, possessing cannabis can net someone a felony charge, and subsequent cannabis charges are guaranteed felonies that come with a jail sentence of 2-10 years. The measure approved …

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New Poll: Majority in California Support Legalization

Voters in California support legalizing cannabis by double-digit margins, according to a new California Field Poll released today. 54% are in support, while 43% oppose. The poll also found that 67% oppose ongoing crackdowns of medical dispensaries by the state’s four U.S. attorneys. These results are sure to be seen as encouraging to advocates in …

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Poll: 52% In New Mexico Support Legalizing Marijuana


Today the Drug Policy Alliance held a press conference to discuss recent legislation moving forward in New Mexico, as well as new polling they released today that shows a strong majority of New Mexico residents support reform. According to the polling, conducted by the firm Research & Polling, Inc., 52% in the state support legalizing …

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New Mexico Bill Decriminalizing 4 Ounces of Cannabis Passes Through Committee

New Mexico sign

Coming on the heals of polling released that shows 57% of New Mexico residents support decriminalizing cannabis, the state’s House Committee on Consumer and Public Affairs approved a measure doing just that, with a vote of 3-2. The measure, House Bill 465, would make possession of up to four ounces of cannabis no longer a …

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Hawaii Committee Unanimously Approves Bill Decriminalizing Cannabis Possession


Today Hawaii’s Senate Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 472, which would decriminalize cannabis possession in the state. The vote was 5-0. Under this measure, possession of up to an ounce would no longer be an arrestable misdemeanor offense, and instead would become a civil infraction of $1,000. The measure is sponsored by 13 of the …

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12 Things You Might Not Know About Cannabis

A Chinese tomb where pounds of cannabis was found.

  The majority of America has either decriminalized cannabis, or legalized it for medicinal purposes It’s almost hard to believe when you consider how strong prohibition continues in most parts of the country, but 27 states in the U.S. have either decriminalized cannabis possession, legalized possession and state-licensed retail sales, legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes, …

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Bill Introduced in Oregon to Legalize Cannabis


House Bill 3371, introduced this week by Oregon’s Committee on Revenue, would legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older. If it were to become law, possession of up to 24 ounces of dried cannabis, and the home-growing of up to 6 plants, would no longer be a crime. In addition, the Oregon Liquor Commission would …

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Washington Measure to Clear Marijuana Misdemeanors Passes Second Committee, Moves Towards Full House


Passing out of its second committee by a vote of 5-4, House Bill 1661 will now move to Washington State’s Rules Committee, where it’s expected to get scheduled for a full House vote. Its passage would send it to the Senate, where they would have the option of putting it in front of the governor …

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70% In Florida Support Legalized Medical Marijuana

People United for Medical Marijuana.

New polling shows that a vast majority of those in Florida, 70%, support legalizing medical cannabis. Only 24% are opposed. The poll, released today and conducted by the firm Hamilton Campaigns, found that even Republicans had 56% support for such a change. These numbers are sure to be a huge boost to continuing efforts by …

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Companion Bills Filed in California to Legalize Hemp


On Friday companion bills were introduced in California’s Senate and Assembly that would legalize hemp production in the state. Senate Bill 566, and Assembly Bill 1137 were filed by Democratic Senator Mark Leno, and Republican Assemblyman Allan Mansoor. The measures makes note of the fact that the state imports “tens of thousands of acres’ worth …

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Is Washington State America’s Cannabis Mecca?

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Washington State has long been considered on the forefront of cannabis law reform, and over the past several months, things have escalated. Washington voters approved Initiative 502 with a resounding, double-digit victory. Possession of an ounce of cannabis is no longer a criminal offense. Smoking in clear public display is simply a ticket. Hundreds are …

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New Poll: Majority in Kentucky Support Legalizing Hemp, Medical Marijuana


Last week Kentucky’s Senate voted, 31-6, to approve legislation that would legalize hemp in the state. This is after their Senate Committee on Agriculture voted unanimously to put it to a full Senate vote. Kentucky’s U.S Senators, Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnel and Rand Paul, have publicly endorsed the measure, while simultaneously working on federal …

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