Ban on Kratom Delayed

kraAt the end of August the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that they are making kratom illegal, placing it as a Schedule 1 drug alongside heroin, cannabis and other substances deemed to be the most dangerous in the world. The move was initially set to become official today, September 30th, but DEA spokesperson Russ Baer tells us that the move has been delayed indefinitely, though it’s “just a matter of time” before it will be finalized.

According to Baer, the proper paperwork to make kratom a Schedule 1 drug has not been completed, which is the cause of the delay. The DEA’s Diversion Control Division is currently preparing a final order, which will be in effect for several years and will outline criminal sanctions associated with those continuing to use and sell kratom. Once complete, it will go to the Federal Register which will publish it a few days after.

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Chelsea Clinton Walks Back Comment that Cannabis can Kill, Says She ‘Misspoke’

Inside The South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive FestivalRecently we published an article detailing how Chelsea Clinton admitted that cannabis has medical value, while in the same speech indicating that it could kill you if mixed with other substances. Now, after days of ridicule for her comment that has no basis in science or reality, a spokesperson for Chelsea has stated that she simply misspoke, and doesn’t actually believe that cannabis can kill you.

“[W]hile discussing her and her mother’s support for rescheduling marijuana to allow for further study of both its medical benefits and possible interactions with other medications, Chelsea misspoke about marijuana’s interaction with other drugs contributing to specific deaths”, a spokesperson for Chelsea Clinton told ThinkProgress. The spokesperson notes that; “Hillary Clinton has said we should allow states that have reformed their marijuana laws to act as laboratories for our democracy and we should reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule II substance.”

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Grandma Builds a Home out of Hemp Stronger than Brick (Time to Legalize it)

grandmaBy Collective Evolution

There seems to be a common setback for people afraid to make their dreams become a reality: They don’t know where to start. Not having experience in something doesn’t make you any less capable of creating greatness or fulfilling your passions, but it does take an open mind, a whole lot of patience, and ultimately, the confidence that you can do it.

In a world where old age seems to work against people’s confidence in you, Pam Bosch shows having confidence in yourself is all it really takes to prove them wrong. The grandmother from Bellingham, Washington, has never built a home before, but is breaking barriers in the tiny home movement through what she views as a pioneering experiment in sustainable living.

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Florida Chamber of Commerce Poll: 73% of Voters Support Amendment 2 to Legalize Medical Cannabis

amendment 2

Florida voters will get their say on Amendment 2 on November 8th.

The vast majority of voters in Florida are in favor of Amendment 2 to legalize medical cannabis, according to a Florida Chamber of Commerce statewide poll released less than six weeks before the initiative is up for a vote.

According to the poll, 73% of Florida voters support Amendment 2, with just 22% opposed to the measure. Only 5% remain undecided.

If passed into law, Amendment 2 would legalize the possession and use of medical cannabis for those with a variety of conditions who receive a recommendation from a physician.

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Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran Want to Invest in the Cannabis Industry

karvaraIn a recent Entrepreneur Magazine interview with five investors from the hit show Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary and Barabara Corcoran made it clear that they’re very much interested in investing in the burgeoning cannabis industry. The other three Sharks – Marc Cuban, Lori Greinier and Robert Herjavec – aren’t as interested in investing in the industry, but none of them are opposed to its legalization.

“[I]t’s big business and I’d rather invest in it”, says Corcoran.”I would like Daisy Cakes, one of my best investments from Shark Tank, to make marijuana cakes. Their home-cooked cakes from the south and my girl there is making tons of Daisy Cakes, doing great already. I love her, but I want her to make a marijuana cake, but she won’t do it. I advised her to, but she says it would ruin her brand. She’s mistaken.”

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Chubut Legalizes Medical Cannabis Oil, to Integrate it into Healthcare System

chubutThe Argentinian providence of Chubut has become the first jurisdiction in South America to legalize the medical use of cannabis after Governor Mario Das Neves signed legislation into law.

The new law will allows those with epilepsy and “other pathologies that the provincial health minister deems appropriate” to use low-THC cannabis oil for medical purposes. Hospitals will be supplied with the medicine for use when necessary, and medical cannabis oil will be covered as any other medication under the health plans of all public employees.

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California Nurses Association/National Nurses United Endorses Proposition 64 to Legalize Cannabis

cnaThe California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, the nation’s largest state organization of nurses, announced today that it has endorsed Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which would legalize cannabis for everyone 21 and older. The initiative is up for a vote on November 8th.

“California Nurses believe strongly that the prohibition and criminalization of marijuana has ruined generations of lives, wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer of dollars and failed to protect the public health and safety,” said Deborah Burger, President, California Nurses Association/NNU.

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Oregon Police Call for Drug Defelonization

DefelonizationIn a press release sent Monday the Oregon Association of Police Chiefs and the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association have jointly called for the personal possession of all drugs to be defelonized. This would mean that if a person is in possession of an illegal substance, as long as it’s not for distribution purposes, it would no longer be a felony charge, instead being reduced to a misdemeanor, a much lower penalty that carries a maximum prison sentence of one year, compared to a maximum sentence of 10 years.

The two organizations are calling for this change in part because felony drug charges “include unintended and collateral consequences including barriers to housing and employment and a disparate impact on minority communities.” They say that elected officials and prosecutors should craft “a more thoughtful approach to drug possession when it is the only crime committed”.

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Kratom Becomes Illegal Friday, Petition to the White House Reaches Signature Goal



At the end of August the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that it will be adding kratom as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, placing it alongside substances such as heroin and cannabis. The move will be made official starting Friday, September 30th.

Kratom, for those who don’t know, is a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia that has been consumed for hundreds of years in numerous countries for its supposed medical and theruptic properties. Up to this point it’s been legal throughout the United States in all but a few states. However, its use has gained popularity in recent years, and clearly the DEA sees making it illegal as another reason for their continued existence (as we mention in a recent article, kratom will continued to be sold, just through black-market means rather than through tax-paying businesses).

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Donald Trump’s Bizarre Explanation for Charlotte Unrest: “Drugs”

By Phillip Smith,


Donald Trumps blames unrest in Charlotte on “drugs.”

Donald Trump’s efforts to reach out to the black community took yet another stumble-footed turn Thursday when he went off-script to blame the unrest shaking Charlotte this week not on police violence or racial inequality, but drugs.

“If you’re not aware, drugs are a very, very big factor in what you’re watching on television,” the GOP contender claimed. He offered no evidence to support his claim.

Charlotte is only the latest American city to see outbreaks of street violence amid protests over the police killings of black men. In this case, it was the gunning down of Keith Scott Tuesday by an undercover Charlotte police officer. Scott’s family maintains he was unarmed and holding only a book, while police say he was armed and they recovered a weapon at the scene. Police have so far refused to release body-cam video of the killing.

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