Trump Removes Marijuana Opposition from White House Website Immediately After Taking Office

Immediately after taking office yesterday President Donald Trump’s Administration removed a page on the White House’s website declaring opposition to legalizing marijuana and other drugs.

Prior to Trump taking office yesterday, there was a page on the White House’s website – under the section for the Office of National Drug Control Policy – titled “Marijuana”. The page stated that the president “steadfastly opposes legalization of marijuana and other drugs because legalization would increase the availability and use of illicit drugs, and poise significant health and safety risks to all Americans, particularly young people”.

Immediately after Trump took office yesterday, the page was promptly removed from the White House’s website. When you go to the link for the page, it says “Sorry, the page you’re looking for can’t be found.”

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In Final Day of Office, President Obama Grants 330 More Commutations

In his final day in office, President Obama granted 330 more commutations, the most in a single day in U.S. history.

The move – which comes just two days after the last batch of clemency – brings the total number of commutations granted by President Obama to 1715; this is well more than the past 12 presidents combined. Included in this commutations were 568 people who were serving life sentences; this means they would have died in prison if not for Obama.

The vast majority of the commuted charges were for drug-related offenses.

For comparison sake, former President George W. Bush granted just 11 commutations, whereas Bill Clinton granted 61

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Washington Measure to Stop Marijuana Patient Discrimination in Workplace Receives Public Hearing Date

Just days after being filed, a measure to prevent medical marijuana patients from being discriminating against in the workplace has received a public hearing date.

House Bill 1094 would take the progressive step of prohibiting employers from “refusing to hire a qualifying patient, discharging or barring a qualifying patient from employment, or discriminating against a qualifying patient in compensation or other terms and conditions of employment because of the qualifying patient’s”. This includes if they fail a drug test for marijuana or any of its metabolites.

A public hearing on this measure has been schedule in the House Committee on Labor & Workplace Standards at 8:00am on January 26th. The hearing is open to anyone of any age; if you’re supportive of this move and happen to be in the Olympia area, this is the perfect opportunity to make your opinion known and to stand up for a worthy cause.

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Kansas City Lawmakers Vote 12 to 1 to Place Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative on April Ballot

In a 12 to 1 vote, the Kansas City (Missouri) Council has sent an initiative to decriminalize marijuana to a vote of the people this April.

The vote was forced by marijuana reform advocates who collected enough signatures to put the measure before the council. The council had the option of passing it into law, or putting it to a vote of the people; they overwhelmingly chose the latter.

The initiative was put forth by the Kansas City chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Below is the exact question that voters will be deciding on this April:

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German Lawmakers Unanimously Legalize Medical Cannabis

By Associated Press

German lawmakers have approved legislation that would allow some patients to get cannabis as a prescription-only medication.

Parliament’s lower house passed the bill unanimously on Thursday. The vote clears the way for the law to take effect in March.

Health Minister Hermann Groehe has stressed the move does not mean marijuana will be legal for non-medical purposes.

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Legislation to Allow Cannabis Retail Outlets to Sell Plants and Seeds to Patients 18+ Filed in Washington

A legislative proposal to allow cannabis retail outlets with a medical marijuana endorsement to sell plants and seeds to patients 18 and older has been filed in Washington with bipartisan support.

(Photo: REUTERS)

House Bill 1098 was filed by State Representative David Sawyer (D), and is co-sponsored by Representatives Steve Kirby (D) and Cary Condotta (R). According to the legislative digest for the measure, it would allow “certain qualifying patients and designated providers to purchase lawful marijuana plants and seeds from marijuana retailers with a medical marijuana endorsement.”

Currently patients can grow up to four plants at home, or up to six plants if they join the patient registry. However, cannabis retail outlets are prohibited from selling plants or seeds. This makes it a challenge for some patients to obtain them. This new measure would fix this by allowing those cannabis retail outlets that have received a medical cannabis endorsement from the Liquor and Cannabis Board to sell both seeds and plants.

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Marijuana Advocates Double Number of Joints Being Handed Out at Trump Inauguration to 8,400

Marijuana advocates have announced that they are doubling the number of joints they plan to hand out for free leading up to President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.

“Due to an overwhelming public response and an unprecedented grassroots outpouring of support for our #Trump420 legalization efforts, we now plan to give away 8,400 joints to adults for free on Inauguration Day,” says Adam Eidinger, co-founder DCMJ. “Without such an organic showing of citizen engagement and participation, we couldn’t have rolled 840 joints a day in just 10-days time. We thank all of you, who have continued to support our mission of driving responsible marijuana laws forward.”

According to a press release about the event; “DCMJ’s #Trump420 legalization efforts encourage adult voters to use their voices and votes to urge President-elect Trump to maintain his campaign-stated support for D.C.- and state-legal marijuana laws, and to keep the U.S. Department of Justice’s hands-off approach to voter-passed responsible marijuana initiatives.”

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Marijuana Expungement Bill Filed in Washington

Washington State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon has filed legislation that would allow those previously convicted of possessing up to 40 grams of marijuana to have it expunged (removed) from their record.

Under House Bill 1260, those who were previously charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, and were at least 21 years of age at the time, can apply to have the charge permanently removed from their record. The measure requires the courts to expunge the charge as long as their has been no violent or DUI-related charges that have taken place since the marijuana charge.

House Bill 1260 currently sits in the House Public Safety Committee. Co-sponsors include Representatives Noel Frame, Nicole Macri, Gael Tarleton, Gerry Pollet, David Sawyer, Jessyn Farrell, Ruth Kagi, Eileen Cody; Sherry Appleton, Timm Ormsby, Tana Senn and Joan McBride.

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WA Bill Would Prohibit Employers from Discriminating Against Medical Marijuana Patients

A bill to prevent medical marijuana patients from being discriminated against in the work place has been filed in Washington.

House Bill 1094 was filed by State Representative David Sawyer. It has the bipartisan support of eight cosponsors; Representatives Kirby, Stonier, Condotta, Appleton, Farrell, Frame, Macri and Klob.

According to its legislative digest, House Bill 1094:

“Revises the medical use of cannabis act to prohibit an employer from refusing to hire a qualifying patient, discharging or barring a qualifying patient from employment, or discriminating against a qualifying patient in compensation or other terms and conditions of employment because of the qualifying patient’s: (1) Status as a qualifying patient; or (2) Positive drug test for marijuana components or metabolites.”

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Bill to Allow Unlimited Number of Marijuana Retail Outlets Filed in Washington

Currently the number of marijuana retail outlets in Washington is limited to what the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board feels is best. A newly filed bill in the House of Representatives would change this, allowing an unlimited number of outlets.

This move is one that cannabis advocates have called on for years; to simply let the free market determine the appropriate number of cannabis outlets rather than setting an arbitrary limit that benefits a few select business owners.

According to the legislative digest of House Bill 1096, it; “Eliminates the limit on the total number of marijuana retail outlets that may be licensed or medical marijuana endorsements that may be issued in the state or in any county, city, or town. Allows the state liquor and cannabis board to establish a limit on the total number of marijuana licenses that an individual licensee and all other persons or entities with a financial or other ownership interest in the business operating under the license may hold, in the aggregate.”

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