Why You Need Rosinbomb in Your Life?

Why You Need Rosinbomb in Your Life?

By Barabara M.

If you’re interested in concentrates, then you’ll definitely want to know more about Rosinbomb. This is a company that began life decades ago in the world of machine innovation and have, in recent years, turned their attention to rosin presses. With concentrates becoming more and more popular we should all be thankful for a company as top quality as Rosinbomb.

Two of their most beloved creations are the Rosinbomb Rocket and the Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press. These products are a little different in size and price but each one can deliver awesome amounts of concentrates and will last for a long time to come. Whether you’re already a dabber and want to be assured of a steady amount of concentrate or maybe someone who’s looking for a bit more than that, Rosinbomb have got you covered.

Striking Design

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about this range of products from Rosinbomb is their striking, cool designs. Both the Rocket and the Super Press boast stainless steel exteriors that could easily fit with any design aesthetic. These are some heavy duty pieces of equipment that perform fantastically no matter what you try throwing at it. There are so many presses out there trying to pass themselves off as high-quality these days, but they can rarely live up to their claims. That is certainly not the case with Rosinbomb, whether it’s the Rosinbomb Rocket or the Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press.

No Hydraulics or Pneumatics

Like we mentioned the Rosinbomb company started life in machine innovation and they’ve displayed those decades of experience in both the Rosinbomb Rocket and the Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press. Both of these presses are run entirely on electric power. That’s right! That means no hydraulics and no pneumatics for you to deal with. Because of that both of these machines are much easier to maintain and keep in good working order. They work soundlessly so you don’t have to deal with all of that industrial noise which can be a common problem with presses.


Let’s talk a little about portability. Neither of these presses is an absolute monster but they do differ a bit in some areas. First up, the Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press. This is quite a hefty piece of equipment. It’s around 16 inches tall and about 16 kg in weight, easily not the lightest bit of machinery to be toting around but not something you’d be forced to leave in the same place forever either. The size itself only serves to underline how much power there is inside this press. It can generate around 490 psi over one of the 4.5 x 2.5-inch mesh pouches that are provided. Not bad at all for something not much smaller than a decent sized coffee machine.

Next comes the Rosinbomb Rocket. This has been constructed with the regular dab user in mind. It’s only about 10 inches high and weighs around 6kg. So, clearly, this is the more portable of the two units. This is something there wouldn’t be much of a problem throwing into a backpack if you needed to bring it somewhere. Also, there is a display that allows you to monitor the temperature settings of your press. Being able to monitor your temperature levels becomes of the utmost importance when you’re pressing different strains.


Of course with anything good comes the rise of terrible inferior versions of those things. There is no shortage of substandard presses and ways to create concentrates from rosin but the problem is that many of these things are inefficient. There can be a lack of pressure or the heat isn’t high enough, and the wrong amount of either of those things results in lower yields and sub-par product.

Using a Rosinbomb product is a sure way to avoid both of those issues. They use premium materials and their methods and techniques for machine innovation that are among the best in the world. Each plate of a Rosinbomb press is precisely engineered to get the most from your rosin, getting large quantities without losing any efficiency. If you’re at all interested in concentrates then you should also be interested in quality. Don’t choose the quick and easy option when there’s so much goodness to be get from Rosinbomb.


There should be very little confusion over why Rosinbomb are so popular right now or why they are the most sought after company when it comes to rosin presses. If you’re looking for quality concentrates they should be your first stop. Their designs are stylish and sleek and most of all are durable enough to last for a long time to come. They are easy to set up and with the lack of hydraulics or pneumatics are much easier to maintain. Maintenance can be such an issue when it comes to these bigger presses but that problem has been totally eliminated by Rosinbomb. If you love concentrates, you need Rosinbomb in your life.

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  • ryan
    April 4, 2018

    I’ve got a press from Rosin Bomb and one from The Trippy Hippy. Much prefer mine from trippy hippy than RB.

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