U.S. Government to Grow Over 1,400 Pounds of Cannabis in 2014

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced Tuesday that it is drastically increasing the amount of cannabis the federal governmentbud plans to grow this year for research purposes; from 46.3 pounds, to 1,433 pounds.

The DEA put this move up for public comment on May 5th after giving it initial approval; only one person submitted an official comment, and it was in favor of the increase.

“The DEA appreciates the support for this adjusted 2014 aggregate production quota for marijuana which will provide for the estimated scientific, research and industrial needs of the United States,” states the announcement, published in the Federal Registry. “The A DEA has taken into consideration the one comment received during the 30-day period and the administrator has determined,” the notice says, that the change should be made.

The cannabis will be used by the National Institute of Health, though what specific studies the cannabis will be used for remains unknown.


5 thoughts on “U.S. Government to Grow Over 1,400 Pounds of Cannabis in 2014”

  1. They put it out there in May the fact that there was only one statement made and it was in favor of the increase exactly why are people bitching? This is something that has been needing to happen for a very long time! The more cannabis they grow the more research they can do, which in turn the more cures, and medicines the can provide! The entire population will be a lot better off with more research done with cannabis!

  2. Think that this is Wonderful News!!! Taking care of the People in need of medicine that helps. For my son Nathaniel who is 9yr old.He suffers from a form of Intractable Epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. He deserves an proven alternative that helps with less side effects than the 4 Pharmaceutical Seizure Drugs that he has been on his entire life. With poor Seizure Control. Bad Side effects. Global delay. Non Verbal. I am his voice his Mom. I cry as I write this .Thank You for seeing this Tremendous need.And new found Hope!,,, Pam Atkinson of NC. Thanks you.

  3. Cannabis.should be nation wide leagal it helps people with there illnesses and its kills cancer Its the only thing that helps my terminal skin disease DEA needs to Back Off the War on medical marijuana aka cannabis

  4. “The DEA put this move up for public comment on May 5th after giving it initial approval…” They need to find a better way of letting people know about when they need the public’s comment! One comment?

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