The Best Places to Smoke a Joint

The Best Places to Smoke a Joint

There are a million places to buy cannabis, but one of the most frustrating realities of cannabis legalization for recreational purposes is there only being a few places where you can legally consume it. At Custom Cones USA – we feel your pain!

It’s about as cruel as rewarding a well-behaved child with an ice cream cone of sweet, sugary goodness but then telling them they can’t eat it until they get home (or giving your friend a different type of cone and telling them they can’t smoke it!). That’s how psychopaths are made, people!

OK, maybe it’s not that cruel. After all, many states have legalized weed, which is the complete opposite of cruelty. But these limitations do seem counter-intuitive.

Like, where the hecks are all the bars or cafes or designated weed-smoking areas where you can enter and start smoking a joint or blunt like an adult? Amsterdam has coffee shops, but states with legal recreational cannabis aren’t quite there yet. We’ve got a long way until we become a true weedtopia.

People in most, if not all, jurisdictions where weed is legal can’t consume their hard-earned ganja in public. Doing so would warrant an annoying fine. Yes, of course, people often hit a bowl or their vape or smoke a joint on the street all the time. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best place to do it.

Instead of doing so and breaking the law and risk wasting a heady buzz, there are plenty of other places where you can and should consume luscious joints of premium cannabis.


It Starts in the Home

Home already brings you immense comfort. It’s your very own little universe, a sort of micro-society of your making where your rules reign supreme. So smoking a joint at home just makes sense.

At home, you can roll it up and torch it and be completely zen. So do it at home where you’re not bothering anyone or breaking a law. You get to enjoy yourself because it’s where you’re legally protected to smoke your joint. Most local and state governments where recreational cannabis is legal want people to consume their cannabis in the privacy of their own homes.

(Plus if get too stoned, you don’t even have to leave the couch. Plus the fridge likely isn’t that far away either.)


At a House Party

Considering your hosts are cool with it, smoking a joint at a party is absolutely ideal. That is if you don’t try to sneak a smoke but intend to share it with other people. After all, the whole point of a party is to connect with people, let loose and celebrate, right?

Cannabis is, sure, an entheogen and medicine meant perhaps originally for the individual, but it can also be a social libation that lowers inhibitions and allows you to connect more deeply with strangers who you will soon be calling friends.


On the Water

It’s probably not exactly legal, but you’re likely not to get discovered smoking a joint on the open water, even if you’re in a teeny, tiny, little canoe. We’re not advocating public use of cannabis or anything, but there is something to say about the connection between smoking pot and water. That is if you can even light up in the heavy winds of the sea.

It’s just pleasant, for one, and the mindfulness of the water facilitates an inner peace that you definitely won’t find getting royally stoned and binge-watching your favorite show on the couch.


In the Woods or a Forest

Surely the most enjoyable place to smoke a joint is outdoors, preferably in nature. But not in public or in national or state parks. That would be highly illegal, very likely a felony in some places.

But say you’re in quite a remote setting and far away from people, smoking a joint in the company of the natural world is sure to be one of the most pleasant, spiritually rewarding experiences you’ll ever have with cannabis.

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