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Study: Topical Cannabinoids Reduce Corneal Hyperalgesia and Inflammation

According to a new study published by the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoids Research, and published online by the National Institute of Health, topically-applied cannabinoids are effective in reducing┬ácorneal hyperalgesia (defined as a state of nociceptive sensitization caused by exposure to opioids) and inflammation. “Corneal injury can result in dysfunction of corneal nociceptive signaling and corneal …

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Study: Topical Marijuana Effective for Managing Pain Associated With Wounds, Can Reduce Opioid Use

Topical marijuana has the potential to improve pain management associated with wounds, according to a study published in the Journal of Pain Management and e-published ahead of print by the U.S. National Institute of Health. “Pain associated with integumentary wounds is highly prevalent yet it remains an area of significant unmet need within healthcare”, states …

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