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Nevada: Initiative to Legalize Cannabis Officially Placed on November, 2016 Ballot

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller has certified an initiative to legalize cannabis, officially placing it on the November, 2016 ballot. State Senator Richard Segerblom and Joe Brezny of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association submitted roughly 200,000 signatures for the initiative in November, nearly double the 102,000 required. Now that the state has verified that enough …

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Enough Signatures Collected in Nevada to Put Cannabis Legalization to a Vote

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana says it’s collected over 170,000 signatures to put their cannabis legalization initiative to a vote in Nevada. The group plans to submit the signature’s to the Clark County Clerk’s office on Wednesday. Once the clerk’s office verifies that at least 102,000 of the 170,000 signatures are valid (from registered Nevada …

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