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Michigan Governor Signs Legislation Legalizing Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder today signed a trio of bills (House Bills 4209, 4210 and 4827) that will legalize licensed and regulated medical cannabis dispensaries, which will be authorized to sell cannabis and cannabis-infused products (such as edibles) to qualified patients. “This new law will help Michiganders of all ages and with varying medical conditions …

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Michigan House Approves Bills to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries and Edibles

With a 95 to 11 vote, Michigan’s full House of Representatives gave approval today to a trio of bills that would establish a system of medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers, while also legalizing the use and distribution of cannabis edibles such as brownies and tinctures. House Bills 4209, 4210 and 4827 would legalize the …

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