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Hispanics Less than 20% of U.S. Population, Received 77% of Federal Marijuana Sentences in 2016

Hispanics received 77% of the federal marijuana sentences in 2016, despite making up less than 20% of the overall U.S. population. This is according to a new report released by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. The report found that whites made up less than 20% of the federal marijuana sentences given last year, despite making up …

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Louisiana Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Bill to Reduce Cannabis Penalties, Allow Expungement of Cannabis Convictions

In a unanimous vote, Louisiana’s Senate Judiciary Committee has given approval to legislation that would drastically reduce the penalties associated with an individuals second and third cannabis possession offense, while allowing those with just one offense to have the charge expunged from their record. The proposal, sponsored by Senator J.P. Morrell (D-New Orleans), would save …

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