Senator Wants Legal Cannabis In New Mexico

Senator Wants Legal Cannabis In New Mexico

New Mexico Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D-Albuquerque) wants the people of his state to be given the chance to vote on a constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis.

welcomeThe senator plans to construct a resolution that would be voted on within the state’s legislature, that would be sent to the 2014 general election ballot if it were to pass both the house and the senate.

“Permits to produce it, permits to sell it – all those could be revenue streams for local and state government…..We’re also destroying a lot of lives in the process as we send people to jail or prosecute them,” said Ortiz y Pino on the issue.

The state’s governor – Susana Martinez – clearly not understanding just how devastating this prohibition is for young people, opposes even the thought of legalization; “As a prosecutor and district attorney, the Governor has seen first-hand how illegal drug use destroys lives, especially among our youth, and she opposes drug legalization or decriminalization efforts”, said a statement from the governor’s office (rhetoric).

If you live in New Mexico, NOW is the time to look up your elected officials, and urge them to support legalization – and to urge the governor to open her eyes to reality.

Thankfully the resolution, if voted to the ballot and then passed by voters, wouldn’t need a signature from the governor to become law.

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