President Obama Says Cannabis Reform Not on 2016 Agenda – Sign the Petition to Change His Mind


Today White House press secretary John Earnest told reporters that any progress on cannabis law reform in 2016 will need to come through Congress, and won’t come from President Obama. The statement comes a day after Obama told Representative Steve Cohen that if a bill reaches his desk he might sign it, but otherwise he won’t be supporting any progress on reforming our nation’s failed cannabis policies.

Given that a large majority of Americans support legalizing cannabis, and even more support legalizing medical cannabis, we feel now is the time for President Obama to stand in support of ending the federal prohibition on cannabis, or at the very least support removing cannabis as a schedule 1 controlled substance.

A petition has been started asking the President to add cannabis law reform to his 2016 agenda – if the petition receives 100,000 signatures within a month, Obama will have no choice but to respond based on his petition policy.

You can find the petition by clicking here.

10 thoughts on “President Obama Says Cannabis Reform Not on 2016 Agenda – Sign the Petition to Change His Mind”

  1. I have breast cancer. Without pot I think the chemo might kill me. Don’t ignore the medical applications of this wonderful PLANT!

  2. With as many medical issues that cannabis can cure there is no reason as to why it cannot be legalized just look at the other states that have already legalized cannabis

  3. Mr Prisident ,you have done so great this past 7 years ,if there is any way you may recon sitteer ,we will be you great full ,we need you help you got power ,and there are so manny to witch this will be the different between life and death ,Mahalo my man Tom

  4. Mr. Obama I am your everyday normal mother,wife,neighbor & I smoke. My husband & I have built 2 homes of our own & both are good decent people. Neither of us smoke ciggs nor drink but we do enjoy smoking Marijuana for both recreational and medical reasons. We have smoked over 30 years & can testify that marjuana is NOT a bad thing. It isnt anything like crack or herion etc it isnt even like alcohol. Alcohol will cause you to do horrible things like come home beat your wife or piss on the baby etc Marijuana is NOTHING like that. We have yet to find that “gate” Christie & others talk about. We have yet to rape rob or kill anyone because we smoked a joint. PLEASE allow it to become legal. There are so many good uses coming from it. If it wasnt such a good thing then ALL the people asking & beging to have it legal wouldnt be pressing for it so hard including celebs and people like yourself. Atleast let it be on like a trial basis and see. As with alcohol there does come adult responsibility. Believe me all these RX’s are ALOT worse than Marijuana.

  5. All that the present laws do is provide an excuse to imprison black people disproportionately. Prohibiting cannabis while permitting alcohol is hypocritical.

  6. Keep your promises and give the people what they want. Stop forcing states to take matters in their own hands and legalize. We have wasted enough tax dollars fighting a losing battle

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