Police to Distribute Free Doritos at Seattle Hempfest

The Seattle Police Department will be handing out hundreds of bags of free Doritos this weekend at Seattle’s Hempfest, one of the largest free speech rallies in the world. On these bags of Doritos will be sticdoritoskers educating attendees on Washington State’s new cannabis policies, which finds the possession of an ounce of cannabis no longer a crime after the passage of Initiative 502 last November.

“Distributing salty snacks at a festival celebrating hemp, I think, is deliberately ironic enough that people will accept them in good humor,” states Sergeant Sean Whitcomb, spokesman for the Seattle Police Department, “We want to make sure people learn the rules and that they respect the vote”.

Under Washington’s new cannabis policies, public consumption isn’t legal, but has been reduced from a misdemeanor, to a simple $103 ticket. Despite the change in law, Sergeant Whitcomb says that police won’t be handing out tickets to those consuming in public during the event.

The stickers that will be placed on these bags of Doritos will direct people to the department’s FAQ titled “Marijwhatnow?”, which was released after Initiative 502 was approved by voters, and has been seen hundreds of thousands of times.


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  1. NACHO CHEESE DORITOS (11 chips)
    150 calories
    8 g fat (1.5 g saturated)
    180 mg sodium

    The concept is, well, sort of brilliant: Nachos and cheese without the hassle of a microwave. Or even a plate, for that matter. You just tear open the bag and start snarfing. And as a parting gift, Dorito’s leave your fingers sticky with something that looks like radioactive bee pollen. Now here’s the question: Do you have any clue what’s in that stuff? Here you go:

    To create each Dorito, the Frito-Lay food scientists draw from a well of 39 different ingredients. How many does it take to make a regular tortilla chip? About three. That means some 36 ingredients wind up in that weird cheese fuzz. Of those 36, only two are ingredients you’d use to make nachos at home: Romano and cheddar cheeses. Alongside those are a cache of empty carbohydrate fillers like dextrin, maltodextrin, dextrose, flour, and corn syrup solids. Then come a rotating cast of oils. Depending on what bag you get, you might find any combination of corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, and sunflower oil. Some of those will be partially hydrogenated, meaning they give the chip a longer shelf life and spike your heart with a little shot of trans fat. (The reason you won’t see this on the nutrition label is that FDA guidelines allow food manufacturers to “round down” to zero.)

    And then, after the fats and nutritionally empty starches, there’s a seasoning blend, which includes things like sugar, “artificial flavoring,” and a rather worrisome compound called monosodium glutamate. Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is the flavor enhancer largely responsible for the chip’s addicting quality. The drawback is that it interferes with the production of an appetite-regulating hormone called leptin. A study of middle-aged Chinese people found a strong correlation between MSG consumption and body fat. What’s more, the FDA receives new complaints every year from people who react violently to MSG, suffering symptoms like nausea, headaches, burning sensation, numbness, chest pains, dizziness, and so on. Talk about radioactive bee pollen.

  2. I hear people that are saying that they should be handing out water instead (and they should) but this is a good marketing stunt if nothing else… got your attention, right?

    Taking everything else away, I see this + refusal to write people tickets for smoking at Hempfest a huge step forward and an olive branch extended.

  3. I hope everyone at the rally creates an image of peace and civility. What better for the world to see than everyone calm, and having a good time while celebrating a wonderful thing like cannabis?

  4. Awesome! Thats a pretty funny and nice way to inform people of the law. Also KM if junk food isnt your thing then dont eat it! Most people are already aware that dorritoes arnt good for you and under logic like that why are you not concerened about the BPA leaching out of bottled water? Feel free to reply to this vie my facebook under this same user name.

  5. Doritos nacho flavor contains Sodium Caseinate, Disodium Inosinate, and Disodium Guanylate. If you look up the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for any of those ingredients, you will find that they are both hazardous in case of ingestion, and an irritant if in contact with skin. The lethal dose to kill a rat with table salt is 3000mg/k (3 grams salt per kilogram rat body weight) The lethal dose for each of the 3 ingredients I mentioned is 300mg/k. I understand that you don’t get a lethal dose in each package (and perhaps not even in 50 bags), but harmful synthetic chemicals like that build up in your body— your body will not process and flush them.
    The chips also contain MSG, processed and GMO grown corn products, and pretty much the bottom of the barrel on all the other ingredients.

    What about water???

    • Oh lay off – It’s up to the people taking the chips whether they eat them or not. It’s not anyone’s job but the person’s (or their parents if they’re young) police health and nutrition. I know what’s in them but I’d still much rather have chips than free water, especially if the munchies are involved.

  6. This is their way of getting the word out on what is legal and what is not. The SPD has been cool at Hempfest and should be commended. It wasn’t always the case but stuff happens and we move on. There are plenty of storm troopers out there who deserve our scorn but in this case we need to show some love.

    I’ve been a volunteer and participant at Hempfest since the beginning and have seen a lot of stuff happen. Since the passage of I-75 in Seattle, making marijuana the lowest priority, the police have had a good relationship with Hempfest. The only time I see them ticket folks is if they did something stupid or blatantly disrespectful (like taking a large drag from a spliff and blowing the smoke into the nostrils of a mounted cop’s horse – ie: a dumbass)

    Be cool is the word of the day.

    • …Have you ever BEEN high? Water is not appealing at all – sweet or salty junk food, that’s what most people I know crave anyway. And “cancer chips”? Come on, don’t be a drama queen – it’s not like anyone is being forced to eat them – you don’t like or want Doritos hand them to one of the hundreds who will be there who’d LOVE an extra bag lol.

    • Because they aren’t as cool as Washington lol and don’t have hempfest. Still too much political crap crowding the vote in Cali. But woo go Washington!

    • Because even tohugh there are many liberals here in California, there are also many many conservatives. (It is the state that raised Ronald Reagan). In addition, we have these ridiculous propositions (ridiculous because it is almost impossible to understand the real outcome of any of them) and the government has done a really good job at convincing the public that marijuana is a gateway drug.

    • Because the growers in California did not want it legal. They make more money that way. Pot in Colorado cost HALF what it does in Cali.

    • one word…greed. i worked for the grow and dispensary operations in california for about 7 years, and they simply WONT follow the rules of the medical laws..they ALWAYS had more than 4 pounds at the dispensary they ALWAYS grew where they sold, they ALWAYS had weapons on site, and rarely, but not never, those weapons WEREN’T registered…they ALWAYS grew FAR more than they were allowed….

      So to answer your question more specifically, Pot isnt legal in a recreational state in California because California cant “handle it” yet. And though Ill admit it isnt perfect here in Washington state where i live nor is it in Colorado, it is good enough and handled properly enough for it to be a COMPLETE non issue….I mean look at that article, the POLICE straight up have said they wont bug you if caught smoking in public at hempfest (which starts tomorrow) AND the POLICE, are handing out snacks lol.

      I’m not trying to say people in Washington are cooler than people in California, but, people in Washington are cooler than people in California lol


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