Oregon: Legal Edible Sales for Everyone 21+ Begins Tomorrow

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Oregon: Legal Edible Sales for Everyone 21+ Begins Tomorrow

brownStarting tomorrow, June 2nd, dispensaries in Oregon will be able to legally distribute cannabis-infused foods such as brownies and cookies, and cannabis extracts such as oils and tinctures, to anyone 21 and older. This is thanks to Senate Bill 1511, which also allows recreational cannabis retail outlets to sell cannabis to patients tax-free.

Under the new law – signed by Governor Kate Brown in March – dispensaries will be authorized to sell edibles to anyone 21 and older, given they contain no more than 15 mg of THC. Once cannabis retail outlets – licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission – open sometime next year, dispensaries will no longer sale cannabis or cannabis products to non-patients.

In Oregon the possession and distribution of up to an ounce of cannabis is legal for those 21 and older thanks to the passage of Measure 91 in 2014. Lawmakers last year passed a law allowing medical cannabis dispensaries to sell to anyone 21 and older while the state establishes a system of legal cannabis retail outlets.

According to a report released earlier this month, the legal cannabis industry in Oregon has already created over 2,000 new jobs, more than the amount of jobs created by the state’s liquor industry.

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  • Scott Rellim
    June 2, 2016

    No more than 15 mg is understandable considering that one can buy alcoholic beverages with 90% alcohol. Makes total sense to me. Because alcohol can’t hurt you, and THC is poison.

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