One Week from Today Cannabis Will be Legal in Oregon

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One Week from Today Cannabis Will be Legal in Oregon

cannabis11One week from today, on July 1st, recreational cannabis will become legal for those 21 and older in Oregon, thanks to the voter-approved initiative Measure 91.

Beginning midnight on July 1st, those 21 and older will be allowed to possess up to eight ounces of cannabis at a private residence, or up to an ounce of cannabis in public. In addition, adults will be authorized to cultivate up to four cannabis plants for personal use.

Measure 91 also legalizes cannabis retail outlets, giving the Oregon Liquor Commission until January 1st to establish rules and regulations. These outlets are expected to be open by summer of next year.

According to a study conducted by ECONorthwest, the price of cannabis in Oregon is expected to be around $140 an ounce once cannabis stores are operating throughout the state.

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  • Jim Connell
    June 24, 2015

    1st of all I would like to say, Congratulations on being Free from the Stupid B.S. Cannabis Prohibition Brought. It would have been nice to get 6 plants to grow at home. But, be thankful for what you have…we’re still in the thick of the War.

  • Jane Stanley
    June 24, 2015

    This is wonderful news and thank God the politicians are not messing around like many of the other illegal states are doing. Making one excuse after another why cannabis should not be legalized yet. Some claim that we need FDA approval but we are being given medications not FDA approved. I know for sure that like myself who take over ten different types of medications and I know this cocktail is not FDA approved. But this country is okay with all of us being the pharmaceutical guinea pigs. How many commercials do we have to watch about one pharmaceutical medication after medication being dangerous and or causing death that is FDA approved. Some medications are given to pregnant women that is FDA approved but it is not FDA approved to be used for women who are pregnant. Doctors that prescribe us the medications do not know if they are approved since that piece of information is not given to them. Then we have a plant that has been used since the beginning of time and governments want to make it illegal because big business tell them to keep it illegal. We vote our elected officials into office to do what is best for the citizens; legalization is the answer. The Us keeps telling us how dangerous cannabis is especially THC cannabinol,, and that it is so dangerous it needs to be a Schedule 1 drug. So I would like to know why Marinol, pharmaceutical grade THC is schedule 3. Here in Nebraska some of our senators want to wait for a pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids. Come on now you want us to take another synthetic drug that has side effects and less effective than the whole plant. These governments need to get their shit together and give us the rights to use how we see fit, grow, all non violent cannabis crimes need to be expunged not just pardoned where the records are sealed, no can be fired for THC in there system, and have no harassment from law enforcement. Let’s start making people healthier and a safer place to live.

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