Ohio Ballot Board Gives Approval to Cannabis Legalization Initiative, Advocates Aim for November Ballot

Source: Weed DepotLess than a week after the state’s attorney general gave approval to an initiative to legalize cannabis, the Ohio Ballot Board has done the same, giving advocates the go-ahead to begin collecting signatures in an attempt to put it to a vote of the people this November.

The proposal, filed by Legalize Marijuana and Hemp in Ohio, would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis and the private cultivation of up to eight plants. State-licensed cannabis retail outlets would be authorized to distribute the substance to anyone 21 and older. The measure is separate from a legalization initiative by ResponsibleOhio, which is also hoping to put the issue on this November’s ballot.

Advocates will need to collect 305,591 signatures from registered Ohio voters in half of Ohio’s 88 counties by July 1st in order to put the initiative on this year’s general election ballot.

According to recent polling, 52% of Ohio voters support legalizing recreational cannabis, with 44% opposed.


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