Bipartisan Washington State Bill Would Legalize Cannabis Cultivation for Everyone 21 and Older

cannabis cultivationInitiative 502, approved by Washington State voters in 2012, legalized the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis in dried form, up to 16 ounces in edible form, and up to 72 ounces in liquid form, for those 21 and older. The initiative also legalized cannabis retail outlets. What it didn’t legalize, however, was personal cultivation, which remains a felony.

Now, legislation – House Bill 2629 – has been filed in the state’s House of Representatives which would fix this, legalizing the personal cultivation of up to six cannabis plants, and up to 24 ounces of cannabis harvested from said plants (currently the possession of over an ounce but under 40 grams is a misdemeanor; anything over 40 grams is a felony). The proposal was filed by Representatives Brian Blake (D), Cary Condotta (R), and Jessyn Farrell (D).

The measure has been assigned to the House Commerce and Gaming Committee. The full text of the measure can be found by clicking here.

[Update: You can sign the petition in support of this measure at by clicking here.]


5 thoughts on “Bipartisan Washington State Bill Would Legalize Cannabis Cultivation for Everyone 21 and Older”

  1. The cultivation Bill #2629 has just been introduced apparently.I hope this goes through. Finally some positive news for Washington State residents out of Olympia . It does still however, need to be voted upon and passed by both chambers and finally, signed by the Governor.

  2. James, it has to be approved by the committee to go to floor. Then the state legislator needs to pass it. Then it goes on to the state senate. Once it’s passed by the Senate then it goes to the governor to either be signed in as law or vetoed. This bill has failed 3 time in senate. Please call and email your rep and the reps that are on rhe committee.

    • Lynn Kempen:

      Law enforcement.. There are only four recreational legalized States (and one District). This is a slow train but it’s picking up steam after the Ohio debaucle.


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