Medical Marijuana School Opens in Nevada

Nevada’s first medical marijuana school, the Cannabis Career Institute, has officially opened its doors, and class is underway. According to the school’s website, “The goal of this marijuana school is empower the studeschoolnts by giving them the information they need to succeed in the world of cannabis”, they continue, “Whether they want to start their own medical marijuana delivery service, their own medical marijuana dispensary, their own medical marijuana edibles operation, their own medical marijuana grow-room or even their own medical marijuana school.”

In Nevada, medical marijuana is a constitutional right, but dispensaries aren’t legal. However, lawmakers are currently discussing legislation to explicitly make them legal – it passed its initial committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee, unanimously.

According to the Associated Press, the institutes “Budtender School” began yesterday with a workshop for about 40 students.

The institute has held similar classes in other cities across the U.S., and have handed out more than 1,500 certificates.

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  1. Its fantastic to open a marijuana school.Medicinal marijuana is the cannabis in order to provide a form of medicinal treatment or any kind of herbal therapy.It uses as the versatile cannabis herb for various purposes.


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